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7/25/2005 c5 Gnat10886
First of all, I got this email update thingy which had me estastic to start with and then get the suprise of my life when I see that this chapter is dedicated to ME. MOI. Natalie! Mwuhaha. It totally made my day. I can't believe that no one else figured out the lyrics sooner...sad for them. YAY for me. Ok yeah. Enough about me.

AWESOME beyond AWESOME update. I love hearing about Lee's siblings. They sound really cool and I like that her brother signs. Totally neat and unique. I learned the alphabet and happy birthday once upon a time, wish I knew more though. And I liked how Ryan got to have some upsides to being a prince and the ball practice was a cute idea too. Sigh. Can't wait until he and Lee meet, or at least see eachother/better know of eachother's existance. But I guess I will just have to wait. Cute chapter title too.

Can't wait for you to update.
7/24/2005 c5 1queen-lala
welcome! update soon!
7/24/2005 c5 2NomadicWriter
haha - SO DON'T TELL scotty, SCOTTY DOSN'T KNOW! haha thats a great movie! i thought it was hilarious that were seeing this different part of his personality in ryan how he was like 'i need to get laid' i laughed aloud at that lol but i must say being a prince would have it's advantages lol! my holidays were okay but i didn't do much! gosh i hate term three why can't we have longer holidays.. it sucks, yeah well im sixteen and im pretty tall so they might let me in the clubs lol haha/just kidding.. yeah i have the stupid school certificate this year so i have to start paying attention in class - especially science since i loath it with a passion lol! well im looking forward to reading the next chapter and i hope that you update soon... And you said that at this accademy that you have to be there 4 years to graduate or something and that harriet and lee were 2nd years? are you going to write like two more years to the story before lee meets ryan? and the harry potter book was fantastic i loved it, it was so good! and it was sad at the end but it was hilarious all the way through! well i think i've rambled on enough - please please please update soon i really can't wait to find out wat happens next.-Kate xoxo
7/13/2005 c4 natmarie
Mwuahha, again I must say that I love this to pieces, and being the last chapter that you have posted I must say it numerously in order to get the full effect across. AMAZING TREMENDOUS INCREDIBLE STUPENDOUS MARVELOUS SPECTACULAR AMUSING TERRIFIC HILAROUS CAPTIVATING FUN...-goes on and on-

Ok, yeah, I'll shut it now. Hehe. I like Andrew, he is all annoyingly cocky, I think he is scared of Lee after that firing lesson though. Yay for girls with guns! And Ryan and his little sis..too cute for words. And they are meeting the guards, will Lee work her way in there? I guess i will have to wait and see.

Update soon.


PS. Shameless self plug, if you get bored check out my stuff I would love to hear what you think.
7/13/2005 c3 natmarie
The song lyrics are from Gavin DeGraw's "I don't want to be"...gah I love that song...not to mention the show it is the theme for, yay ONE TREE HILL (do you get that in Australia?) or better yet Chad Michael Murray. Ok yeah I doubt you want to hear about my obsession. With Gavin or Chad. Sigh.

This is definately coming along nicely. I like how you give both characters' points of view and they flow very nicely. I know you said that all of the names, situations etc are totally made up, but you make them so realistic sometimes it is hard to remeber. I found myself wishing to meet Ryan, silly me. That would have been quite difficult. And the plot thickens and I'm off to read the last chapter posted.

7/13/2005 c2 natmarie
AH, I love this. Absolutely love it. Ok, so maybe i am jumping to concusions, but then again maybe I'm not. Sigh. I absolutely adore royal/famous people meet normal average everyday people. Which is what is bound to happen, right? You do the sibling banter really well, and Elliot is hilarious. I get a feeling all isn't well with this new 'daddy' of the royals, but time will tell. Off to read the next chapter.

7/13/2005 c1 natmarie
Hey, I stumbled upon this. The whole premise seems like a really cool idea. I like how you made this whole chapter all letter-like and scheduale like, it worked as a nice intro to the piece. Off to read further chapters.

7/11/2005 c4 14FireBringer
Sounds pretty cool. I like the idea, although some of the characters do seem a little cliche, but whatever. Its still a great read and i can't wait until the next update.
7/5/2005 c4 16Bananalogic
i dyed a front streak of my hair blue but by the end of it's life span, it looks a little green. my friend's learning the drums after five years of begging. as for this chapter- i understand how hard it is to hit small targets. when we go shooting, they just throw the recycling bin in the back of the truck and we shoot up plastics. my uncle, the marine will aim for specific words on the newspaper. the rest of us are limited to caps on milk cartons. great chapter. luv hannah banana
7/3/2005 c4 2NomadicWriter
Lol i loved that chapter and the length was great, i can't wait to read more and find out when jacobs and ryan are going to meet. I hope its soon! Woo its the holidays! okay so you hate pole dancers that arent professional - have you ever seen a real pole dancer lol? and i wonder if theirs actual male pole dancers other than the one on rove that it lol! because i think that would be interesting don't you? lol well please update soon i love it!-Kate xoxo
7/2/2005 c4 Kat1989
This is a very cute story. Please update soon.
7/2/2005 c4 1queen-lala
great chapter as always.. update soon^_^
6/13/2005 c3 Saffron
guess who? Lol would you believe it i actually went back and read all of this Fic...cuz its great! sorry i wanted to use excellent but sounds snobbish in the english way...so...IT'S GREAT! update soon! i kill those who are slow updaters! ^^ with Pleasure... ;]~

wuv ya Karenz
5/23/2005 c3 2NomadicWriter
G'day! loved this chapter and can't wait till you update even if it wont be for a month lol! Rove rocks! can't wait to see some poor person trying to do pole dancing this week lol! Good luck in your exams!I'll end this with.. OZZIE, OZZIE, OZZIE!

-Kate xoxo
5/21/2005 c3 16Bananalogic
ok, so here i am again to tell you that you saved me from being bored and redying my hair and all! which is a fairly goodthing but anyways...i absolutly love this idea to death! i can't explain how much i love it. i, unfortunatly do not know what song that little snippet of a lyric belongs too. i just can't imagine someone shooting with their eyes closed. my dad would NEVER let me near a firearm again if i did that. luv hannah banana
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