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for Save Me, Oh Brave Protector

5/21/2005 c3 1queen-lala
absouletly loved your storys and can't wait for you to update
5/11/2005 c2 2NomadicWriter
I love your story so far and i can't wait to read more, just one question how old are Ryan and Elliot? just wondering. where abouts in Australia do you live? I'm in N.S.W - update soon i can't wait to read more.-Kate xoxoP.S - Rove Live ROCKS! and so do toe-socks!
5/7/2005 c2 3Sleeping Angel
Hey! Hey!

Wow...would you be hurt if I said that I love this story much more than the other one? ::Runs away before she gets kicked::

Really though, I love where you're going with this, very interesting to see what will happen next! Can't wait for the next chapter ::Hint, hint::



•·.·´¯`·.·•I await for you to wake me•·.·´¯`·.·•
4/16/2005 c2 Danna
hey! awesome new story! how do you pronounce montagè? is it like montageh?montagay? it's a cool name. and how old is everybody?
4/16/2005 c2 16Bananalogic
the prolouge was all official and stuff. the only thing that was a little confusing was the ages of the six siblings. could you find a way to run through them in some chapter soon? luv hannah banana
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