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for Save Me, Oh Brave Protector

3/27/2008 c30 personwithaccount
GASPS. why? i mean sure the person is obvious but WWHY?

sorry i couldnt read sooner. the story's going great though. and bless your soul, poor thing. college does not sound like fun. holy hell and brimstones i'm going to be one sad puppy senior year. i graduate 09. good luck to you though.

TORCH. huh. funny word. took me a long while to get it. my american self is kinda slow to respond to a word like torch.
3/10/2008 c30 4slee5133
aww i love this story. tis awesome, but did you HAVE to make it so drastic that Lee lost her family? i was crying! c'est tres tragique. look at my rocking french! lol just wondering, do you speak french and italian? or are you researching it as you go? oh oh oh, i'm aussie too! but from your a/n's i'm deducing you're from melbourne? i'm a WA'er. yay. the ending of this chapter had me thinking that dave was the culprit cuz he sucks at scrabble. but that might just be me and my weird mind. anyways, update soon! can't wait for the next chapter and to see what happens!
3/5/2008 c30 xoxokristen
so is it David or what?
2/24/2008 c30 4RunFree
Really good...plz continue...
2/21/2008 c30 21rosieroo
thanks for the update! yay for you!

okok i have my ideas about who this stalker person is...

update soon! im still loving the story!
2/20/2008 c30 Genato
update. please. i can't wait to find out. too exciting.
2/6/2008 c30 3Estelin
this story is excellent. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for more. keep up the execllent and wonderful work and writing.
2/5/2008 c29 why's all the rum gone

you know when you're a successful author when people start daydreaming about your own story...which i am...i'm weird, i noe...

I blame Giselle more for Ryan's slip...i mean, he WAS drunk, but still. He's a drunk bastard alright.
2/2/2008 c30 2pixie-girl-1231
Great chapters sorry I didn't review to the last few chapters but I just finially got time to visit this cite again and I had two absolutly amazing chapters for me to read. And I am going insane with wonder about what will happen and what not. I think I know who is behind the whole 'I will murder the Prince' thing. I think it's Dave or maybe both Dave and Giselle. The whole note to Lee at the ball or dinner makes sense if Dave is behinde it... I think. Please update soon!
1/30/2008 c30 Aragorn is mine
So everyone's worked out who the guy is except me basically? :( Well is it Giselle? nah has to be a man... is it her boyfriend? Well anyways since I'm too dumb to work it out I'll blab about other stuff. Your writing style is pretty cool i mean the iming and stuff it's kinda a like the author of Feeling Sorry for Celia, Finding Cassie Crazy and some other books, I'm sorry can't remember her name but the books are pretty good.. :D And Ryan is just so adorable ^.^ Love that dumbas :D Well lucky you finish year 12 and me still have three terms to go... sad ending school but happy that HSC will be over... ah... can't wait! :D Well update soon... stories take my mind off things and prevent stress attacks, don't you want to be a nice person and help me avoid stressing? stressing gives you bad marks and you don't want to be the reason for my bad marks do you?/ lol please update whenever... lol
1/27/2008 c30 1violet-eyez
so is the killer giselle
1/26/2008 c30 Ye
YES! There's wasn't a half a year wait this time. OH. It's getting intense now. Can't wait to see what else happens. Also can't wait so see Ry and Lee back to together again. *hint hint* It's going to happen soon right? They've been away from each other for too long. And Jules is brilliant. Happy writing. And hopefully it'll be a fast update again.
1/26/2008 c30 gonnabefamous
HEY! OMG Giselle and DAVE! Wow, didn't see that one coming...or not at least until the email. Lol. Anyway glad you're done with school...I'm not -_-...gr. but hope you'll update soon!
1/25/2008 c30 2Heartless Writer
Glad to see an update, but it was amazing to hear your completion of your schooling. I can't wait will mine! :)

Oh how Dave gives me a sick feeling - poor Ryan. Sucks for Giselle, though I kind of laugh, 'cause she got suckered big time.

Can't wait for the next update - I'll be exciting!
1/25/2008 c30 10thinkTwice Nfall
Oh. Nice chapter. I really enjoyed the conversation between Ryan and his mother. It had a lot of depth in it while they talked about Lee's character. Not lots of people seem to talk about that nowadays. It was a nice breath of fresh air. I also really liked the IM conversation. It was pretty amusing with Ryan trying to pretend that he wasn't talking about himself even though it was obvious that he was.


And now, I am SO SURE that the stalker's David!
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