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for Save Me, Oh Brave Protector

1/25/2008 c30 why's all the rum gone
whoever said that Ryan is a serial dater is right.
1/25/2008 c28 why's all the rum gone
i really really don't like Kew. He's an ass. Not feeling sorry for Lee AT ALL and stuff. He's evil
1/24/2008 c30 unconnected14
Great chapter. Update soon please!
1/24/2008 c30 80hnjones-2009
I have enjoyed every single chapter so far of your story about the guard. I was first interested in reading this story when I saw that it involved the someone havign to protect a royalty and the simple fact that the protector was a female. I adore the way you have transpired this mysterious, action-packed romance into a tale with depth and perception. I truly wish that Lee and Ryan can one day get back together and enjoy a happy life, with less stalkers and Giselle (which I think are one in the same, if you know what I mean), but who knows really? I simlpy cannot wait for the next chapter when you fully announce who the killer/stalker is, and their motives. Thenas the Americans do, throw them in the slammer for 25-Life.
1/23/2008 c30 10cherrypiesizzle
Oh. Is Giselle and her bf the culprit?

Anyway, I think you should have made all that emailing and messaging a little clearer...like, maybe, actually mentioning Giselle's name in her email message? I mean, you haven't updated this in a while, so I totally forgot her bf's name was Dave and that was like the only clue as to her identiy. I was wondering who was sending the email the whole time, cuz all you put at the bottom was the first letter of her name. Also, for the msn messaging, you could've made it a little simpler by just using their names, though I know that's not really realistic. That wasn't as confusing as the emailing though, since they were identified pretty soon.

Please update soon! I can't believe Ryan slept with that whore! Even if he WAS drunk...gr...anyway, I hope he's a little heartbroken when he sees 'his beloved's reaction to it x)
1/23/2008 c22 Why's all the rum gone
I'm a bit suspicious as to why Julianna can't have boys either. It would be great, if there was a sequel for Julianna and Liam. I think there are hints of romance there.

BTW: why can't Liam go near Julianna's house? or is that all boys? love the story so far! Ryan's a jerk.
1/22/2008 c30 2EnchantedKorean
nice chapter...i really want to see what'll happen next! update asap!
1/22/2008 c30 4Lalaith7
oh my goodness, now I have this nagging fear that it's going to be Dave, or Giselle, or some combination of the two and they're going to kill Ryan before lee has a chance to declare her love, and of course warn him and all. Bah! this is even worse than before, you're killing me here. Please update within like the next month or so?
1/22/2008 c30 1chic rebel
is the person dave? i love that you updated so quickly. :)
1/22/2008 c30 7Randomisation
who is it? please continue! really great! i love the bob and betty thing :D
1/22/2008 c30 1Twinkle Star Bell
I love how he didn't use his own name. It was so hilarious and cute. Well update soon!
1/22/2008 c30 7gulistala
Shit. David's inside now. Uh-oh...how are they going to hold the prick back?oh damn. That wanting to meet up with Ryan is way too fishy.

And Ryan, you are an idiot for not giving Lee space. I can smell action for the next chapter so I cant wait!

Until then, keep up the good work!

1/22/2008 c30 1Lil Bazza
It isn't Giselle is it? Or that Dave Ferris guy (omg, I saw Ferris Bueller the other day for the first time, so when I saw Dave Ferris, I immediately though, 'Save Ferris' - random story).

God I love this story. I only had enought time to read one or two new chapters and I'm so glad I picked this one, but I can't believe you managed to tell other characters who the guy was, but not the readers. Well, at least I wasn't quick enough. Gah, it's so frustrating. I just want to know who wants to kill Ryan. Oh, getting them back together would be good.

Betty and Bob. Need I say more? I love those kinds of stories. I can never maintain the people, their names always change but it was fantastic. Gah, Ryan is so awesome. I want him.

I hope you got into your uni course. They came out last friday in NSW, and my friends younger brother found out he got into medicine at Monash, so that is also VIC, so I'm assuming where you happen to live informed you. If you end up coming to UNSW (which you prob won't, but you never know, Australia is kinda tiny, in a really roundabout way) say hi to me. :D I'm on the O-week committee thing.

Anyway, I must go to sleep, I've been watching way to much Australian Open and working to hard and have been missing sleep (although I did miss Lleyton Hewitt's game on Saturday night, but that was hardly fair).

UPDATE SOON! I love summer holidays, you have nothing to do and thus you update. And there is still like a month and a half left! Yay for going to a uni where I have more holidays then weeks at uni!


1/22/2008 c30 caelynne
God I love your fast updates! The conversation between Ryan and Juliana killed me laughing, really!

You updated your profile xD

You're leaving names in the dark here, update soon =)
1/22/2008 c30 mimi
damn ryan. All that Betty and Bob thing made me totally forgive him...he's adorable!

glad to see the story is reaching the climax already. I get that it's Dave and his sister is prolly Hailey. He did it cause he's jealous of Ryan. It's obvious. The letters only come after he's hooked up with Giselle...i mean Jill :)...

i love this story so much! glad to see a fast update!

and already talks of an epilogue? oh dear, it's coming to an end *sob*
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