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1/20/2008 c29 10thinkTwice Nfall
Hm... I actually started reading your story umm... sometime last year. During the summer I think. I was instantly interested when I read your summary and delved into your story. It's really well-written and I'd been wanting to read an action/romance-type story for the longest time - but wasn't able to find one. Anywho. I was really disappointed when you didn't update for months... (I actually checked to see if you updated almost everyday for a while... but stopped when it was obvious you wouldn't be doing so for a long time...) I was really happy when I found out you updated! (Sorry for the long-winded...uh..rant? Not really a rant... But you know...)

It's been a really long time since the last time I read your story, so I can't really remember all of the characters, but I think that the weird stalker guy is... Giselle's boyfriend? Maybe? No?
1/16/2008 c29 philosophyonacid
well, considering that i really have no clue at all who is behind the mask of Mr. Conspicious Letter Man, I'm going to have to throw my vote in for Davey, Gisele's (ex?) boyfriend.

a) the person doing it would have to not be connected to the royal family, because if he was he wouldn't want to hurt Jasper, and he would have to already know about the 'special guards'. b) the person doing said that they knew what guards looked like, and Davey used to BE a guard. c) Davey would know how to shoot a gun. d) Davey went to the Armed Guard Academy, so he would know how to use the 'anonymous' letter tactic.

yeah. so i'm not really sure if it IS Davey, but i thought i'd make an attempt. hahahaa, this is a really lovely story, and your characters are really well thought out.
1/16/2008 c29 mimi
yeah, ok... Hailey was totally responsible for the car bomb...i don't get why though... unless by some twisted plot, Hailey is Dave's sister...

yeah, Dave seems most likely responsible for the letters...

very VERY dissapointed in Ryan. I have a feeling that when Lee goes back to Montage, there'll be hell to payfor ryan...and he deserves it...
1/14/2008 c29 1Twinkle Star Bell
I couldn't possibly guess. I'm really bad at mystery type things and I don't completely remember all of the characters. So oh well. Update ASAP! School does suck majorly I have to say but congrats!
1/13/2008 c29 7Randomisation
i love this story! congrats of finishing school! glad you updated!
1/12/2008 c29 4Lalaith7
I've thought Hailey had something to do with the bomb for a while now (I originally thought she was only dating Avery for the fame associated with Lee being Avery's sister but then after the bomb I thought it was more sinister than that) but I still have no idea about who's been sending the letters. Maybe a relative of Hailey or something? Now that I reread the chapter in which the accident happens, she seems even more sinister. Anyway thanks for finally updating.

1/11/2008 c29 21rosieroo
haha i have NO IDEA who is sending the letters... its killing me! Thanks heaps for updating! hope theres another chapter up son!
1/11/2008 c29 2EnchantedKorean
took you a while, but...i guess it was worth the wait...i'm really anxious for the super-long chapter...update soon!
1/10/2008 c29 1violet-eyez
yay u updated and who is the killer?
1/9/2008 c29 bitterSw33eT
since when did Lee teach a class?
1/9/2008 c29 1chic rebel
yeah an update! congratulations on graduating. i cant wait to read the next chapter. please update soon!
1/9/2008 c29 Ye
Yay, new chapter! You've been gone forever. How the hell can Ry get so drunk and sleep with HER. Yeah, she can't even be mentioned in name because it's that awful. O. The person's about to revealed soon. I can't wait. It's probably Dave or another one of the people SHE cheated on. Happy writing and hurry up and update so I can find out what happens.
1/9/2008 c29 caelynne
I hope you went well with your exams =)

I have a feeling Hailey was the one who killed Lee's family... well, everything points to her... Point, point.

Btw, how many chapters are left?

And you need to update soon, for the sake of our sanity.
1/9/2008 c29 12theyStoleMyPenName
you updated! yay!=p

so they're sulking, moping around. i like how you didn't let that be the whole chapter. C:

i hope lee and ryan will meet in the next chapter. or lee kills someone. as long as there's action.;p

update soon!

- che
1/8/2008 c29 photogirl16
that was really good! please update soon!

oh and i think it's either giselle or dave, but i could be completely wrong, idk.
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