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for A Vampire's Thoughts

3/15/2007 c1 Penelopeia
Now with this poem I can definitely relate. ;D

Having written Adrien over these past few months, I know exactly where this is coming from. There's nothing really much I can say, since you pretty much covered everything there is in this poem.

There were two stanzas in particular that I really liked:

"So gentle I seem

So caring and warm -

But the Hunger inside me

Rolls like a storm."


"I'm losing myself

In these shadows of death.

One day I'll be gone,

The beast will be left."

They flowed smoothly and were very accurate. :D Great job!
4/4/2006 c1 A Beautiful Nightmare
Wow... I wonder why no one reviewed... this is really good! The rhyme scheme flowed well... and the theme was well stated... well done!

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