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7/9/2005 c1 Pure Autumn
wow beautiful language
7/9/2005 c1 78myheartiswaypastbeating
Such a calm and beatiful sense to this poem. You painted a masterpiece in my mind. Well done. caliorbust
6/17/2005 c1 23Wombat Wanda
Wow. Excellent imagery, and the vocabulary was both impressive and very appropriate. The part about the molehills at the end is very deep. Wonderful poem.
6/17/2005 c1 8Spiral Artist
Quite a pastoral scene that burns the eyes of those that belong to the dark, like myself. Amazing.
6/16/2005 c1 10yellowbubble
wow! the imagery is magnificent! it's beautiful and it really takes you to another place! i love it. it's beautiful
6/16/2005 c1 31krystalpendragon
very beautiful. you did a great job on the descriptiveness. the images were great.

6/15/2005 c1 50Happiness's Deceit
TT: O.O That was awesome! It's imagery was so captivating...

Kai: That's really neat...great job! (Thanks for the review!) Bye bye! XD
6/15/2005 c1 127Eirien
Aw, this is so so beautiful. I love poems that use nature to express human thoughts or emotions, and your descriptions here are just wonderful, they create such a lovely atmosphere and one can almost see the scenes you describe before one's eyes. Great job.
6/11/2005 c1 if i fall
Whoa, that was super cool and super GU-REAT! I loved it! Keep up the good work!

6/9/2005 c1 4HoplessRomanticChick
this is REALLY good! you should like write a poetry book or something!
6/3/2005 c1 174marshbar960
very vivid and inspirational. loved the metaphors you used to portray your feelings. thanks for sharing and keep writing!
5/30/2005 c1 15LiNdSaY.AP
WOW. that was so vivid, it's inspired me now...:)
4/26/2005 c1 paper with words
i like it a lot (note to lime girl : hi)
4/23/2005 c1 24katmonkey
Very nice imagery. I especially like the line "Delicate flowers quiver, basking in its tender warmth"Great poem!

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