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4/28/2001 c1 Leia Skywalker1
Interesting...reminds me of Spellbinder, in a way. I enjoyed reading your story :) I was confused about where the story took place. Did most of it happen in Indiana, or was it somewhere else? Several parts of the story were confusing, but I enjoyed it. (by the way, this is the person that asked you in an e-mail to read and review one of my stories)
1/17/2001 c1 kt
not too bad...
10/16/2000 c1 3Crimson Starlight
Good, it developed a little too fast, though. It’s a great story other than that, though.
5/27/2000 c1 1Delphi
All I have to say here is Bravo! WOO-HOO! Good job!

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