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5/20/2006 c2 3written-in-green-highlighter
wow! it was a good chapter but I was so confused since it was so long since I've read the first one-i think im off to read the first again. libby
2/25/2006 c14 6Mylime

It's so beautiful...and I like the end of the chapter very much.

Good job, K-chi. I liked this chapter, especially at the end part...and you did a very nice job with all the emotions and such.

Update soon.
2/25/2006 c13 Mylime
Yay! You updated TOTH!

I liked this chapter...especially the part where Laurel is remembering things.

I hope that Laurel lives...
2/23/2006 c14 FikklPikkl
...oh...I see why...don't worry! Tis not too racy. We all have read more...romantic tales then this, shall we say. But not intentionally in my case! Yes, yes!

Anyway, just relax, and don't fret so much over it.

Hmm...it was a very vibrantly emonotional chapter, of course. Good flow to it. Not too fast towards the action, yet not inching along. In other words, it was pretty plausible.

Yay! They finally confessed their eternal lust/love for each other! They can go kill Ilandere and Derryl together and high-five each other afterwards! ^^
2/23/2006 c13 FikklPikkl
I didn't feel like sigining in...tis a waste of time.

Anyways, back to fic.It is very good. Don't know why you remove them yet. Quite emotional. Laurel mustn't die! She mustn't!

The thing I liked the most in the chapter was her whole 'dream' thing. Excellent symbolism. Very descriptive! I'm so jealous...^^
2/23/2006 c14 Super Powers
Yay! He was tempted! ^_^Mark: Don't tempt me.Laurel: I won't.Mark: Don't tempt me!Laurel: Of course not.Mark: weoiyphw4906yh4Laurel: Indeed.^_^Very sweet. I liked it.
2/22/2006 c12 Kitten on Keyboard
Ah. Laurel felt betrayed and unloved last chapter, and now Mark feels the same way! I feel sorry for his eyes...Ilandere and Derryl are quite the horny couple. They remind of the romantic couples at Enloe. They are so touchy-feely it's just...ugh.

Hey Mark, read the journal while you're waiting for them to be 'done'. Oh wait, you're asleep...sorry about that.
2/22/2006 c11 Kitten on Keyboard
No! Laurel, snap out of it! Fate is cruel. I thought Ilandere had brown eyes, not green. Laurel has green eyes.

Come back Laurel, and tell Mark how you feel!Wake up! Now!
2/22/2006 c10 Kitten on Keyboard
Dashing plan! Dashing! I like the angry version of Derryl and Ilandere's relationship. Shows how they are struggling with reaching their goal.
2/22/2006 c9 Kitten on Keyboard
Yay! In comes Derryl and Laurel! Huzzah, huzzah! (blink) whateva.

Gosh, when will Mark get sick of kissing? It's weird, but that doesn't matter. It doesn't bother me...it is simply interesting he can be so caught up in it.
2/22/2006 c8 Kitten on Keyboard
Yeah, go Laurel! Go confess your love!Oh, wait...she has to admit it first.

Children...chasing cats? How could you write that? That's terrible! Those poor, sweet, delicious kitties...Just kidding...the kids chasing cats don't mean nothing to the story. Nothing. Just a lovely description of the town during the winter. Nothing more.
2/22/2006 c7 Kitten on Keyboard
Poor, poor gullible Mark. He's a goner. Oh dear...Hmm...Derryl and Ilandere...I never would have guessed! Spazz-tastic plot twist! And the romance...oh my...if Mark finds out...

I liked the last line. Very nicely done, good foreshadowing.
2/22/2006 c6 Kitten on Keyboard
uh-oh, I smell adultery...and it kinda smells like garlic with a dash of toast, if you didn't know yourself. Yay! I'm glad Mark is feeling attracted to Laurel! He might break free of Ilandere's grasp! Whoohoo! I forgot to tell you this before but, you have a really great, logical plot in all your chapters, which in turn, makes a excellent plot for the story.
2/22/2006 c5 Kitten on Keyboard
NO! Mark! You're an idiot too! Boys are so easily swayed...tis true. Gah. I hate winter. Yay, more foreshadowing! Hmm...I wonder if they get married...Ilandere will be happy if that happens, but will Mark find out in time that he is being used? Who knows!
2/22/2006 c4 Kitten on Keyboard
Wonderful, as always! I liked all the descrpictions in this chapter. Very nice. I especially liked how you described Ilandere's effect on Mark. Do I sense a bit of foreshadowing?
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