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5/3/2005 c1 150SpawnMeister666
I've been meaning to review this for ages but keep on managing to not get around to it!

Anyway, very well written and this has served to make me even more certain that parenthood is not something I wish to put at the top of my priority list right now!

4/30/2005 c1 59Unholy Haven
Well written!
4/27/2005 c1 Dobbygrl
Thank you for reviewing my abortion outline/speech. I really appriciate the input and it will really help me for writing a speech in the future. Thank you!
4/19/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
At first I thought you were talking about young kids, but the ending made it pretty clear. lol Beautiful poem, I laughed pretty damn hard while reading this. XD Keep up the good work!

!~* Noelle *~!
4/19/2005 c1 24katmonkey
About one of your kids? I love the imagery of "Volcanic screams, molten tears" Very effective and the last two lines made me laugh. Nicely written! Am just emailing you re: the formatting.

4/19/2005 c1 49TiEka Koniku
umm... ok. rather interesting. i cant really say anything about this. it good... *TI*
4/19/2005 c1 41WhispersInTheDark
I really enjoyed this poem... especially the angst. I feel like this entirely too often ;)

keep writing...

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