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1/17/2006 c1 ddz008
Great story!I had been wanting to read it a long time ago... I was good and sad because I know they won't stay together at the end. I like Mike and Trent a lot, but it's kind of bittersweet reading their story.I just was left with one question that I don't know if you have already answered... how did Jamie and Terry finally meet each other properly?XDWhy does James doesn't appear a lot in the other stories?You're a great author, keep the good work! :D :D :D
12/12/2005 c1 10afk
kawai luved teh story, i was jsut reading moving on and i'm surprise dhow i never read thes elol ^_^
11/15/2005 c1 58SilentlyRebellious
omg there HAS to be more! i am so in love with the story! i thought i read more (heh i've read it more than once ^^; ), and i thought there was a sequel too. i hope i hope i hope. please more!
10/4/2005 c1 5Yoyo-chan
One of my friends had one of your other stories with Damon and Brett on her favorite stories list so I wanted to find the first one and I'm glad I did ^^. I love this story and the characters are very realistic (which is hard to find in the slash genre, actually) and I'm definately going to read the other ones
7/8/2005 c1 32eldrin
Brett. Damon. This was just... wow. I am beginning to love all these guys incredibly. And your stories are amazing. The story itself, writing, and the marvelous development do not cease to amaze me at any moment.
5/31/2005 c1 6malevolentScribbler
That was like... whoa... sugoi-wa!
5/14/2005 c1 Nidowhirl
Wow. I was told I had to read your work 'cos I like slash and it was definitely a good move. You have a great style of writing.
4/20/2005 c1 rodeclown
This is really great! I like the fact that the characters are flawed and don't fit stereotypical models...damon and brett's problems seem so realistic. Is this a one-shot or are you going to continue?
4/20/2005 c1 M L
^^ Please write forever, oh great one.
4/20/2005 c1 25Esquirella
THANK YOU! He will make Trent feel so much better...after Tanya does her bitch thing. That chapter's going up today, so stay tuned!
4/20/2005 c1 3bambi4real
This was AWESOME! Thank you so much. I love this couple and to actually see their beginnings jsut as you are about to break them uip permanently just made my day. The feelings were true to character.However I find it suprising that Damon is the dominant one in the relationship while later on Brett is the passive dominant. I really wonder what caused the turn around. Please write more.
4/20/2005 c1 4Kaikeyi
yey! i've waited ages hoping that you'd re-upload this story. i really like it, it's much more...realistic than what i usually read sometimes to the point the writing is rather harse but i think i enjoy it for that. It's refreshing after a few months of unadultorated fluff! keep writing, Kai
4/20/2005 c1 7PirateGrrl
This is amazing! I'm almost late to classes, but it's so worth it. Damon and Brett are so wonderful together. When he was so scared that Damon had a seizure ... I'd be scared out of my mind. It's great that he's slowly accepting himself and really loves Damon. I'm rambling but this is awesome. :D:D:D:D *loves*

I should stop already before I'm *really* late.
4/20/2005 c1 theremaybeagodyahoo.com
It's alive!

To think that this is when i found my baby Damon.
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