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3/16/2007 c15 Andy L. Kennedy
I love it. But... what's going to happen? Who is Rae going to end up with? Because I'm totally cheering for Kilan, but it sort of seems like she's just lusting after him and actually likes Luke. Which would stink. Or can you not tell me? o.o

And I think the curse should be broken, but if it is, will Kilan run away? Will he not be able to turn into a fox anymore? Because that would stink... =(
3/16/2007 c15 PaintedBlind
Another great chapter. Please don't wait so long for the next one - I almost *died* hehe.
3/16/2007 c15 Red-rose-diva
I just love this story..could you please pretty please up date sooner...
3/15/2007 c15 OoohLookACat
can't wait for more

this chapter was interesting =)

3/15/2007 c15 abandonnnnned
I liked it! If they win, I'd dearly love to see what Kilan asks for. I wish you'd let it run a little longer!
3/15/2007 c15 Ice and Snow
awesome chapter xD keep it up and continue soon!
3/15/2007 c15 1soFresh'likepomegranate
ah goodness, I love this story :D Especially Kilan, who is extremely gorgeous. The whole ace and luke factor, they like her too? hm, well, it's cute how Kilan gets jealous. I love this plot, hehe, Kilan likes her, he might not admit it, but his sexy self likes her I think. She promises Kilan anything if he does well? That gleam in his eyes probably means something...gah but then it ended right before they left to eat! An amazing chapter :D

ps. can I have Kilan? or Ace? or Luke? lucky girl, all these gorgeous guys around her.
3/15/2007 c15 1whyshouldicare1



i was laughing so hard when i read that.

aw, kilan was sulking. how cute.

hmm, i can't remember if i liked ace in the previous chapters, but i did like him in this chapter.

please, please, PLEASE update soon! i think you like cliffhangers too much.

3/15/2007 c15 16Noir Fleurir
Bravo! aHAAHAHA kilan the loserface has to suffer. he reminds me of a spoiled rich person, don't ask but his attitude points in that direcction. (methinks you should update faster)
3/15/2007 c15 1FamousOneLiners
this is adorable.
3/15/2007 c15 7BangBangYourDead
Niice chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next. Don't keep me waiting to long. =]
3/15/2007 c15 3Estelin
this story is great keep up the god work.
3/15/2007 c15 5Sure as the Dawn
You're back! You're back!
3/15/2007 c15 nana
that was hilarious! so when are we going to see some romance, =)

can't wait for the next chap!
3/15/2007 c15 10Fallen Oblivion
I can't stop but laugh at the hilarity of this chapter. I bet Kilan is going to get Rae back so bad. Here's a question: Is it allowable for Kilan to have feelings for her? Like, is there a rule against it or what goes, goes?

Update soon, I love this story.
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