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10/17/2006 c14 10cherrypiesizzle
LOL. Please update soon! You haven't updated in so long I actually forgot the plot of this story other than the fact that Kilan and the other guy can change into foxes and its a curse...also that one day of the year they have to breed and cannot control themselves. o_0 But other than that, I don't have a clue who Luke or anyone else is...
10/12/2006 c14 A Beautiful Nightmare
Even if you aren't able to read my story anymore, I'll be still reading yours. =) Hmm... not much Kilan. =( But it's okay... I'm sure your gonna make him be the center of attention in the next chapter, RIGHT? Haha. Kidding. Argh, I could have read this earlier but I'm so busy now... oops, there I go digressing again... Update soon okay, love?
10/11/2006 c14 Momochi Zabuza
Will it be AcstonxRae and KilanxRae then?

I'm so glad you updated! I was thinking about this story for so long!

Update soon!
10/11/2006 c14 4Morgan Davis
AAHAHAAHHAHAHA! that is some good stuff! KILAN IS GUNNA HAVE A FIT! good luck getting him all pretty! AHAHAHAHHAHA! and i so want her to start crushing on luke! that would so add drama! hurry and update!
10/11/2006 c14 Jugglingbearperformer
OMG! Sorry I haven't reviewed in the last ones. This is an excellent story, please update!
10/10/2006 c14 you're so postmodern
Wha? More stuff I'll hate...it's okay. It's not Ace that I don't like; it's his actions. I like Kilan (wow, how cliche of me, lol) Cute chapter...poor Kilan...all uptight.Update when you can but I totally understnad if you've been busy. ;) Because this is such a cute story...lol

10/10/2006 c14 2rosiedreamer
yeah, you update slow, but then again, so do i...

I LOVE THIS STORY. keep it up. write faster. even i update at a faster rate then you.


10/10/2006 c14 earlkgm
LOVE your story so far. okay, I haven't reviewed your story yet and i have ALOT to say...so this'll probably be long! lol...anyways, YEAH! you updated. I had to read the whole story again so i would remember...lol. MY PREDICTION!: 1)Luke likes Rae. 2)Ace likes Katherine but doesn't know that himself yet and vice versa. 3) Kilan cares about Rae. 4) Rae ends up with a)Luke orb)Kilan If she ends up with Luke it wouldn't be a problem since Kilan kinda respects luke already (in this chapter) and if Kilan and rae end up together the curse is broken.

I have a one question. If they feel the need the mate once a year,and their's more then one male fox, do they only have fox babies when Rae's family is having a child? Does that make Tenjo Kilan's father or related to Kilan is some way...lol...nvm i'm just getting to much into this story...lol. PLEASE UPDATE SOON! and you better update faster then 2 months!
10/10/2006 c14 1BloodyRoses92
I love your story! I can't wait until the next chapter. Please update soon. ^^ Me being myself, I've already put up pairings in my head. Luke and Rae are cute, but Rae and Kilan are even better.
10/10/2006 c14 3purple sea
omg... i luv this story...cant wait 2 see what happens next.
10/10/2006 c14 15MolestAPeanut
It was honestly about a year. But I love it! Hah, Kilan in the beauty contest, that can't be good. Good chapter. =). Hope there's another update soon.

10/9/2006 c14 1BrownEyedBeauty
I love this chapter. Especially the very ending. I can't wait to see Kilan's reaction to being entered in a beauty contest. I really wish you'd give a hint to who's ending up with who though. But the suspense is good. and killing me. = D Update soon!
10/9/2006 c14 7BangBangYourDead
Daang. This can't be choppy. Its too good. I loved this chapter.. Poor Kilan. Beauty Contest? =]

Thanks for updating.

10/9/2006 c14 5Sure as the Dawn
Awesome story! Update Soon! :)
10/9/2006 c14 15j.u.s.t. .f.o.r. .m.e
wow, another chapter after what, only 3 months? you're losing your touch now! can't wait to see what happens in the beauty contest! and is luke... jealous?
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