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3/16/2011 c1 M.B. Evans
Ooh that's exciting! I can't wait to read the revised story and I'm so glad that you've decided to continue writing it.
1/7/2011 c15 dipintheriverstyx
9/9/2010 c15 1maegandemented
please please please update soon! i love Kilan. :D
4/27/2010 c15 teardropsONroses
it's interesting...
3/12/2010 c15 Sonyashinto
You have a unique story here, and i am looking forward to reading some of it. but i feel as though you may have strayed from the original plot...

You write in the begging that they are cursed foxes, yet for the rest of the story so far you don't mention it anymore. You make this a tug a war with insults, and time. This pet fiesta sounds interesting but it will be pointless if nothing significant doesn't happen.

Events and special times during a story tend to be major or minor turning points.

But like i send before i love the concept of this story, I believe it just needs to be cleaned up. You can make this story into a big hit if you fix it up.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, whenever that may be. Soo Update soon, I wanna know your results and what Kilan is going to take for his prize.

Thank You!

Ja-Ne =^_^=
1/26/2010 c15 4rexy-plexy95
You havent updated this story in a long time. Its really good and I hope you update it soon.
1/9/2010 c11 So and so
rae's so...annoying and just plain stupid.
1/9/2010 c9 Reaper
You say rae's smart. But I feel she's getting dumber day by day.
11/15/2009 c15 lovelyfacemckenna
why havent you updated this story in two years? it was really good
10/26/2009 c15 let.this.go
I love this story! I hope you update it eventually!
10/25/2009 c15 applenica
wonder what kilan gonna ask rae if he win the contest.

please please update soon.
10/25/2009 c12 applenica
i think ace like kat.
10/25/2009 c5 applenica
why luke is so close to rae? maybe he like rae. ^_^
10/25/2009 c3 applenica
why kilan is so smug? it's funny that he have a fox bed. why he dont sleep with his human form? and why rae's parents let kilan sleep in the same room with rae?
10/25/2009 c2 applenica
finally kilan shows up
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