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12/12/2008 c15 1bittercandy
Where are you? I've been waiting forever and you still haven't finished the next chapter. Please, try to update, okay? I really like your style. Love it, actually.
11/30/2008 c15 2AlijaS117
Omg! this story is awesome! Please please update SOON! :D
11/12/2008 c15 FerretsRevolution
its funny how ur on chapter 15 and the romance between kilian and rae is still just in its very early, budding stages...As much as I love Kilian and tenjo as half wolves, i really wish there was someway to break the curse...I hope Kilian and rae end up together and if kilian stops aging at the age of 21, then rae will either have to break the curse to stop that, or find a way to stop aging herself...questions, questions, questions...

great work btw...update soon!
11/10/2008 c15 6VeeVeeLa
this story is too awsum plz update soon! ^_^
9/4/2008 c15 Hidden Flowers
Update? I love it so far.
8/21/2008 c15 I'm the Evil Twin
I love this story and it has been one of my favorites. Please update when you get a chance.
7/21/2008 c15 4rae12391
5/29/2008 c2 3KeyshaYess
lol as if the first thing that pops into your head when a gorgeous guys standing there in your living room is how he resembles your pet fox.

5/9/2008 c15 2DesiredLove
i love this story! but you need to update! i love how it's a fox... my fav. animal in the world!
4/6/2008 c15 1Fleeting Moment
4/2/2008 c15 Aralinn
OF course you would leave it as a cliff hanger lol. I'm really enjoying your story, most do not catch my attention because they are so cliche, so great job. For some odd reason i want Rea and Kilan toget together, no idea why, but i do lol. Happy Writting!

4/2/2008 c2 SapphireEyes16
update soon!
4/1/2008 c11 Aralinn
Well i have read 11 chapters in a row and i love the story, its so original! Kilan and Luke have to be my favorites though. I cant wait to finish reading your story!

3/3/2008 c15 earlkgm
aw, that was so cute and funny! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
3/2/2008 c15 2eclipse-of-the-suns
hey hey person

umm, i really really really like this story so far,

please pleas please please update very very very soon


over and out
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