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for I Hope She Rides The Unicorn

4/22/2005 c1 1Passing
I find sestinas unbelievably difficult to write and I admire your attempt. I think your punctuation is fine as it is, but it might be worthwhile to separate the stanzas. A stronger theme might make future poems even more vivid.
4/21/2005 c1 110KonekOniko
the idea of incorporating an unicorn into this piece seems really cute. this poem is sorta like choosing love or freedom; or something like that. the unicorn makes this poem so innocent... not a bad thing at all (innocent = happier = good ^-^) heh, good job!

~Sumi-chan; What you call love, I call pain.
4/21/2005 c1 4LaraineGlass
your poem is really cool...i think you should be the one to decide if you should capitalize or not (don't mind the english teachers)...i was just wondering... what does the unicorn symbolize?

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