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for Love Has No Expiration Date

9/14/2005 c1 37Bukowski Is
Evangelism, my dear, is rather weak minded.In terms of your actual writing, essentially instructing your reader to interrupt the flow of your poetry by referring to a biblical passage is generally not a good idea-it is distracting and somewhat confusing to someone without extensive biblical knowledge.
7/12/2005 c1 10lepidopteraphobic
Lyingdreamer, your name really does sum it up, huh? LYING dreamer? Yeah. Who are you to judge? How do you sleep at night with that big head keepin u up everywhere and that small brain just bouncin around in all over the place in that hollow big head of urs? Have a nice day.
5/6/2005 c1 45Wolfgirl1987
It's really amazing, eh? How we are no different than anyone else on this earh... How God loves us all and wants us all te accept His gift...to accept Jesus... and that He is willing to forgive us regardless of what deeds we have done...and who we once more. Once again, I love the stuff, Aimee
5/3/2005 c1 3Nosdog
Nice! I agree. Really good poem.Keep it up. :)
5/2/2005 c1 lyingdreamer
You don't know Christ.

How do you sleep at night?
4/30/2005 c1 49Adam Thomas
Wow, it's so true it's a pity many will never believe, but your already on the right track, keep using your writers talent that God gave you to praise him and preach his word.
4/28/2005 c1 150Ronald Priest Campbell
My Dear Aimee-Louise, if i make the story understandable than what good would you get out of it. the story EDEN must be told this way. thank you for your understanding too. love you

The seeker of souls
4/26/2005 c1 Needa S
All previous sin is washed away. We are borned again once we accept Christ as our personal Savior. Aweesome write! God Bless!

Needa S.
4/22/2005 c1 131HoldinOn2Him
Awesome writeGod Bless.xx Holdinon2Him
4/21/2005 c1 His Only
Aww! I loved this. It was so sweet. I liked the comparison of the policeman and murderer... I never really looked at it that way, but you know it is so true. This was wonderfully written and you had strong points backed by scripture. Great work! Your last paragraph was very touching. But it's better to come to Him now. Why wait? Why prolong your sorrow? Why not enter into joy today?

Oh and yes I wanted to thank you for the review on my latest poem. Your words of encouragment were very much appreciated. I so glad you liked it! Keep up the great work with your stuff and God Bless!
4/21/2005 c1 1k+Faithless Juliet
Can you honesty believe in a god who damn's so indiscriminativly? Can you truly fill your heart with virgin births and men who walked across water and the sea's, men who would make a women kneel, only to kill her so that she may be lower then he always. Are you excited to find this heaven, filled with the murders and rapest of our generation and who's salvation you speak of here, so content are you that you can truly say that your murderer or the killer of those you love will dwell as you dwell in your afterlife. Don't bother responding to this, even though I know that you will want to lash out after reading it. Just look at what your saying here, really look at it.

I know to much to know anything else.

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