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for A Life From Another's Eyes

11/15/2005 c3 7R.A. Sears
Poor girl... Need more.. MORE NOW!
9/26/2005 c3 28amaya dwyn
MARRISA! I really love it. You must write much much more. Soon. Maybe stay home from school, forfit some sleep...
7/2/2005 c2 4LghtAngel
woW. I can't wait for more!
6/11/2005 c2 7R.A. Sears
Nice. Not lots of action, but downtime to build things up in necessary. Unless you're a sadistic psycho like me who rarely lets the poor babies rest. *sniffles* But that's what they get for keeping me up until 3 a.m. writing about them!

And also... I have a chapter 3 up!
6/3/2005 c2 28amaya dwyn
ahh, that is awesome... i expect another chapter in about, eh, forty five minutes.
6/1/2005 c1 7R.A. Sears
Graah! Why has no one else reviewed this?

To put it bluntly, this is one of the best pieces I've seen from you so far. Eagerly awaiting an update!


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