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for Death At Mirage 2000 Inc.

5/6/2000 c1 Elizabeth
Very good story. Lots of imagination. I could tell you really liked writing this story. It shows.
4/29/2000 c1 Larcen Tyler
Great story! Maybe if it were a little more descriptive, and if it were to introduce the characters first. Other than that, excellent story!
4/18/2000 c1 RD Rivero
Nice touches of gore, I liked the various ways the characters were killed. The ensemble cast is good, I like stories with lots of characters. Good suspense.
4/16/2000 c1 Night Eagle
O.K. Not the best story out their ,but a nice read.
4/15/2000 c1 ddawg
Jeff this is awesome. The deaths are awesome. I don't know what kaanor is talking about that it is over rated it is perfect. Like he can do any better.
4/12/2000 c1 HorrorLover
I will be getting my own e-mail soon.

Anyway, this story was great! Death At Mirage 2000 Inc. is awesome. It describes the deaths so well and the emotions that the kids or workers feel. I think this deserves a 9.3 rating. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS! This story is great. I am a horror movie and story lover, so I think this is pretty good.

Yo, The Jeffster, when I get my own e-mail I'm gonna e-mail you! Maybe we can make a story up together. And Ka Anor, what you talkin about? Saying this story is messed up in a few places, just to tell you, your stories aren't any better!

Keep it up Jeffster, keep it up. You rock! I hope we can make stories together one day.
4/12/2000 c1 Ka Anor
Over rated and, no offence, you got some things wrong, you called it a school several times. Pretty good, I liked it.

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