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for The Era of the Legless, Earless, Jawless Cat Thing

5/8/2006 c1 22Niki Lemonade
O.O what...in the world was that, it was so funny! Loved it, and i understand exactly how this story was created, i often have similar conversations between me and my insane friends, very clever
6/20/2005 c1 65Thorn's-girl
this is freakin hillarious. i was laughing so hard i had tears running down my face.
4/26/2005 c1 Jewel59
17 chickens send you love. *smiles*
4/24/2005 c1 Aldo
OH. MY. GOD. THIS. IS. SO. FRICKING. FUNNY. BEYOND. THE. REALM. OF. FUNNINESS. (I think that comment kinda explains well enough the extent to which I adore this story.) Bravo, Molly and Autumn!


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