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5/20/2005 c1 2JanDoe
O. You desearved that A.
4/26/2005 c1 His Only
Oh my gosh. I am so totally shaking right now! When I was reading this all these shivers were going up and down my spine. I AM SO SCARED! I wont be able to sleep tonight. Pathetic? Maybe, but this was REALLY FREAKY! Ok, rachelle, think of something happy... oh like you got an A! That is WONDERFUL! No really, this was very nicely written. Scary, but still good. I liked this and I really look foward to reading more of your works. Maybe next time I should read them during the day though; not late at night *shudder* Keep it up Nosdog (great pen name by the way) and God Bless!
4/24/2005 c1 25ifitaintkatie
Oh wow! That story was so thrilling, and I mean it. Some people try so hard to make their stories thrilling, but have a very hard time. You described everything quite well, especially the shrieks, "like nails on a chalkboard." I think the end was sort of abrupt, though. What happened after the door creaked open? Did his parents know about the door in the basement? Oh well, just some thoughts. And maybe next time, or if you want to polish this story up a bit, add a bit of preliminary information... like if there's someone who has been watching Michael at school or something, etc. I really wondered who the shreiks came from, too. Well, who knows, it's all part of the thrill. Well anyways, I can see how you recieved an A on this. Well done!~Kate

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