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for Right behind in the Confessional

9/12/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
wah... teh profound meaning and heart of this poem... amazes me~

keep writing!
7/20/2005 c1 56Blue SunriZe
I like the end: "If God forgives all, he must be forgiven."
6/19/2005 c1 Gracey London
Lovely poetry as usual. I especially love the personification/symbolism of the pleated skirts and starched collars. Great job! Oh, and I love your new fp profile-entirely entertaining, and so *you*! :D

G. London
6/5/2005 c1 24Sarah-Brighteyes
I like the message you share here. Sort of the if you want forgiveness, then you better learn how to change... dont be a poser. I enjoyed this. The beginging made me smile a bit. The nuns and children laughing rumors, seems the norm...until you figure things out. Good write though. Bravo.
5/20/2005 c1 21Sarah Elizabeth Julia
Good poem! I liked it a lot.
5/12/2005 c1 Kakyou Takashiro
poetic. what more? ^^expected nothing less from you.


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