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for My Plague

4/26/2005 c1 juan
once again a great poem of a suicidal teenager. but i like it!i can t think of anything witty but keep up the poems/lyrics
4/26/2005 c1 That person that you saw walking down the street one day and thought they looked interesting but then forgot about them two minutes later only to remember several hours later that you were thinking about that interesting kid that you saw walking down the
You know I was reading this poem and I felt for once that someone really UNDERSTOOD me. I found it to have such SUBSTANCE such MEANING such.. BEAUTY! I, as a teen, could really relate to what you yourself are feeling right now. Like I feel like shit and I interpreted that you felt like shit too. My favourite line is 'I fall'. I fell too. Simple yet it has so much to say in just two words. The youth today need a prophet to listen to like you. You have a BEAUTIFUL SOUL. YOU'RE AN AMAZING POET AND I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!

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