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for Hero

4/26/2005 c1 Tomomomomo
I see that you thought your poem was about true love. At first I didn't get that but now I UNDERSTAND!

My interpretation is that there is a person longing for a hero to save them, but to be saved they would have to be killed 'the hell that is life, the life that i live'. So yeah I liked the idea of how does a hero 'save' someone. Sometimes being alive isn't necessarily being saved. So I liked how this sounded fairly suicidal. I can't really relate to that coz I'm actually high on life right now.. but yeh brilliant piece of work. Brilliant, bloody, briliant. :D
4/26/2005 c1 juan
AWESOME POEM!u say this isn t your best work but this poem is truly from the heart... and the summary really lured me in!good job my fellow suss buddy!

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