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for Alchemist Of God

1/21/2007 c1 Hobo
It was good, I really liked the plot, characters were amazing, you didn't even have to explain them in the third chapter, still a little confused about the "pets", did Kiki die with their father, it was a bit confusing. But that was the only part, you thought it was more confusing then it really was, I even thought the chapters were cohesive and flowed well one after the other. I had to stop for a minute and imagine Gin and Jin playing rummy, oh the wacky hijinks that would insue, well that is until Gin started OD'ing good guys with sedatives then I began to view Gin in a less wacky light. I'd really like to read a bit more of the father's death, that is unless the Doc was just providing one point of view thats not quite the whole story and you'll return to it later in the story. Well actually I'd like to read a bit more of the story in general... write more now! Right Now! It was fantastic and I want more!

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