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for Blindfolded Fingers

10/2/2006 c1 2Kayla Christine
I love Pirate stories, even if they are untitles. And I love the twins, they have great chemistry together, nice character development. Yay.

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4/26/2005 c1 waitandhope
You need to punctuate and capitalize and stuff like that. There are LOTS of mistakes like that. Also, you need more description...where ARE they? And her mother lets her get away with this? She has a sword and a pistol when she's ten years old, and still with a mother who LETS her do this...and go into a tavern, too? *shrugs* Oh well. I guess I'll read on. You might also be interested in my story, Ocean Sins (VERY tentitive title, mind you) which is about a girl disguised as a boy, who eventually turns to piracy...

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