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for 17 is company too

8/4/2005 c10 eaglescout021606
i just wanted to tell you that i have LOVED reading your story. it has all the elements a family-style story should have. complications, arguments between siblings (trust me, this happens ALL THE TIME at my house), etc. keep up the excellent work!
8/2/2005 c2 Alnitak Z Orion
What a nice big loving family. Good dialogues, but I think you should use fewer characters in each chapter.

Other than that, it's nice reading. *_*
7/31/2005 c1 Arkash
Interesting story. You have a whole cast or characters here. It might make the story easier to read if you were to introduce them as they appear in action or dialogue. Or just make this chapter an introduction.

If there are 17 in Cassie's family including the parents, then there are 15 chilren. Then Cassie should have 14 brothers and sisters, because she shouldn't count herself.

Sounds like it's going to be an interesting story. *_*
7/25/2005 c10 2ZePuKa
kae-chan! *hugs* I missed you! I just got back from vacation, and will be here 3 days before I have to go again... T_T but no, I didn't get your email, so I guess your computer was being mean again? Yea for Cassie! That's exactly how I feel too! I hate it when people say, 'oh, is that your religion?' when it's not a religion, it's a relationship! *tear* you're wo awesome, kae-chan! Wah! I miss you so much! Haven't seen you in forever! And don't tell me that your chapters are boring, cuz they're not! they might be uneventful, but they're still cute! And you think of plenty of funny and cute things on your own! just take your hermit crabs for example! (and that phrase in the last chapter I must steal! muahahahaha!) Keep on writing!

7/17/2005 c9 ZePuKa

"I'm-trying-to-be-pleasant-even-though-what-you-did-to-me-was-so-unfair-it-ought-to-be-punishable-by-law tone"! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That... was... AWESOME! haha, i need to use that somewhere... you DID use my superglue...

anyway, you gotta love those plaid converses! *tries to steal yours* I want em! so yeah, hurry up with the hermit crabs! xzer and xzavier are really gonna have an influence on igel and nevin, aren't they? GO AUSSIES! they'er my fave... then Zoe's my second fave... well, 3rd if you count each twin individually, and then i think thoren comes next... well, update soon!

7/17/2005 c9 3Lady Isaiah
Hey, boring chapters happen. I think my next one is borning. *ugh* Anyway, it wasn't that bad. I can't really think of any good CCs at this moment, but hey, next chapter you post, I think I will. ;)
7/5/2005 c8 Lady Isaiah
Sorry it took so long to review. Hee hee. That was a really good chapter. I enjoyed it a lot!. I think I have favorite...hm..maybe Thor, but it may change.

And as for Danellia or whatever her name is...I don't feel like scrolling back up...

You could make her:

1. Be totally stuck up and self concious about everything

2. BOY crazy *ugh*

3. A gosspier

4. She wants to change everything about Cassie-how she dresses, what her room is like, ya know that stuff.

5. She makes plans for Cassie without even asking her.

HM...that's all I could think of? Did I help any?
6/28/2005 c2 eaglescout021606
I just started reading it, but so far it is very interesting. Reading the rest will be essential, though. I'll review again and tell you what I think of the rest!
6/27/2005 c8 2ZePuKa
oh! is this the character you told me about at our last meet! (ya know, the one we got locked out of...)and no worries about the superglue, we steal each other's stuff all the time! (I just have to tease you about it!)keep it coming! this one was shorter than normal... oh well! see u!
6/26/2005 c7 7firefairy27
Hahahaha... he super glued the phone to her hand...hahaha...hahaha... *ahem* I'm alright... I just found that extremely amusing ^_^ Anyways, great chappy... And I think I'm going to go update my story... uhh... I think. TaTa~fairy~
6/26/2005 c6 firefairy27
Woohoo for cute goth guys! *cough* anywho... Yes... I have bee woken up by the doorbell before, luckily, it wasn't at 6 in the morning, however, i couldnt go back to sleep after wards. Oh well, who cares. This was a good chappy, and I hope Cassie gets a friends soon, since everyone else seems to have at least one.
6/26/2005 c5 firefairy27
OMG! I'm DEAD! These neighbors are already killing me... I think... If I were Cassie... I would install a computer in my room, and only come out a meal times :3 But, I guess she cant do that -_-. well, very good chapter, and I'm glad you like my internal illness story-and Tava...hahaa, she's just a bitchy werewolf, and don't worry, she'll be in alot more later... she likes riggs.
6/26/2005 c4 firefairy27
Very nice chapter. Hm creepy neighborhood... I don't even have a grass lawn...I think I would go crazy if i lived in a perfect neightborhood *shifty eyes* not that I'm not perfect. Anyways that was a great chapter and very entertaining. I would suggest however that you proof read before posting-I know its a pain, I don't usually do it either, but it makes things look nicer.TaTa~Fairy~
6/23/2005 c3 firefairy27
Hm that sounds like a fun camping trip... And I can't help but like Zoe ^_^ I think we would get along well.
6/23/2005 c2 firefairy27
Hahahaa very nice chapter.

HEY-what have you got about older men? *death glare*

calm down

ok, I'm alright

good, now submit the bloody review

...aw...but...but-what about David! I must stand up for-

bloody hell-I'll do it then.
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