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6/23/2005 c1 7firefairy27
Hahahaha, I like this one already. I recomended it to my friend, so she might review too. There are a few spelling errors, and I'm sure i'm going to get names mixed up later in the story, but, who cares.
6/13/2005 c7 3Lady Isaiah
COOL! Daniella seems a little...out there with the "fashion" thing. I mean, pink? Anyway, you have a few spelling errors, but so far, so good! And I got your email, did you get mine?

-C U! Scifi!
6/12/2005 c7 2ZePuKa
uh! you took my superglue! *takes it back* how can I have frodo glued to the riverbank if you keep taking my glue! so yeah, this sounds like it's going to be interesting! my story has changed alot and so I'm not posting it as soon as I thought but I would like your take on some things so yeah, please come wed.!
5/30/2005 c6 3Lady Isaiah
That was actually the funniest chapter so far! I like Lucian too. Too bad he ain't real. Okay, that was the critque, and now to your other questions. You wouldn't be stealing my style if I was teaching you how to write. There are activities out there that teach you how to find your own style. And here's a hint. Each author in the world was never genuine, unless you were the first person to write a certain genre, so it's okay to model your own style after someone else's, but as you become a better writer, your own style will be different from all the others out there. I started out modeling anime (coughcoughInuyashacoughcough), but as I went along with my first novel (which I haven't finished...) I added more things and more and more and my style became my own. That's usually how everyone starts out.

And as for sessions. It isn't all that time consuming. I mean one day you're a really sucky writer (which you aren't, just need a few tips here and there.) and then overnight you become the best author in the world. Nope. That doesn't happen, but I found a way where I can become a great author. What I can do it send you lessons and things to do through email and badda-bing, badda-boom, you're just taking the first baby steps of writing. Already I see that you've taken a few steps, but you need a little push if you want to become better.

And here's the thing about the lessons. They don't seem like school at all. I've done a few and some of the parts of my story are already written and seem really great. The problem for me is riddles... I hate riddles and you can't find a place on the internet that'll help.Well, I did, but it has to download into Adobe Acrobat and that program isn't on my computer and then my mom said that I can't install anything because I screwed up my other computer (kinda), so no riddles for me. I'll have to think of something...

Anyway, hope this helped and if you want, I will send you my email address. (I don't say it on reviews because I don't want people sending me junk.)

5/27/2005 c6 2ZePuKa
hey! aw, no jello! hurry up and post the next chapter! I love how you gave cassie a little mor character in this chapter, but it's still sort of lacking beacuse she reports the events. Shouldn't she be playing foosball too or something? jus' a suggestion, and yes, we'll have to get to gether soon, maybe that holiday that's coming up, i think it's memorial day or something but I always get confused! oh, you might want to review E,J. now, because scifi updates really fast! gtg, a storm's coming and I need to shut down the pc!
5/26/2005 c5 3Lady Isaiah
It's getting better and more entertaining by the chapter! I LOVE IT! Ya know, Zoe and I would get alone just fine. (I'm not gothic, but anime is the bomb.)Now I get to go review happy...oh great... T.T
5/17/2005 c5 2ZePuKa
great chapter, Aaidenkae! and that was so sweet at the begining when you were thanking everyone! (I feel so special now! *dances*) well, I'm proud to announce that I'm begining to get all your characters straight, and you know how terrible I am with names! so keep up the good work and I will look forward to your first bestseller! you promised to remember me! *sniff* *sniff* *inhale* I'm okay now... no really I am... seriously... *sobs* (haha, not really crying, but truly touched to have such a God-sent friend like you :)


P.S. did you check out the rest of my lotr gallery? I finally got lots more pictures up!
5/12/2005 c4 ZePuKa
ah! it's fedex, ups style! i love cheaper by the dozen, and this story seems to resemble it in a way, but with you and people you know put into your characters. did you take my fishing line story? did i even tell you about it? oh and the beach is awsome! my sisters and i had been gathering seachshells, these really tiny ones until i saw one that had something sticking out of it, i examined it closer, and the thing suddenly withdrew into the shell, there were thousands of baby clams scattered around the beach! i was so excited, they kept being swept in and out by waves and as soon as they washed up we would watch them burrow into the sand. i even picked up a patch of sand that contained the clams and it tickled when their little feet dug to the buttom of the sand and touched my hand. my little sister freaked when she felt them touch her hand, just like eloise! (only, with clams, not fish... why would you bait a hook with a fish head?)
5/12/2005 c3 ZePuKa
see, you CAN write comedy! that was really funny, and I love how you've made the aussies part of the comic relief! poor thor... that poor cookie! it had only begun to be digested! *sobs* it had such a promising future! and now... Now... WAH! *sobbing abruptly stops* now, where was I? oh yes, when does he wear the hat? (I fell so special! i know wbout something that isn't posted yet! *dances*)
5/10/2005 c1 stranger
17 in the family . . . 15 brothers and sisters? 17 minus 2 for parents, then minus 1 b/c you don't count yourself! :-)
5/9/2005 c4 3Lady Isaiah
YO! That was the best chapter out of the four that I've read! And sorry... when I sent that other review, my brain was fried. This chapter was a whole lot better, I could understand it a lot more than the others. That makes me happy. And OF COURSE I will keep reading this. It's very cool! -Scifi ^.^'
5/8/2005 c2 2ZePuKa
ah! that's MY blonde joke! but hey, i said you could use my material... what's weird is that I haven't posted the chapter that says that yet... my goodness, this is like reading a chapter of your life, but your characteristics are (as well as some from our group) dispersed throughout the characters! very nice, very nice... you used the same relient k song I used in one of my stories which features 2 relient k songs...which i still need to finish, keep up the good work!
5/8/2005 c3 3Lady Isaiah
This is interesting. It definently has potential. But one thing...Recount the people. I keep getting 15. But it could just be me...Oh well
5/7/2005 c1 ZePuKa
hey! no way, you cut your hair! yeah, i haven't been on in awhile, working on my website! check it out: http:/w.anzwers.org/free/zepukayou will need to log in:guest1234oh yeah, the story! it was confusing to keep up with which one's which, but i love the aussies cuz aussies are awesome! bioluminescence, i believe YOU said that before? oh yeah, i wrote that your dorkitos were yours in the next part of the one shot, but still am working on it until its done, hope to get it up by next friday, and I'M NOT A DORKITO! WAH! oh wait... I am! no! so anyway, I'll read next 2 chapters tomorrow, gotta go now, man, I didn't think they had a place for original work! this is great! i've had a few originals I was thinking of writing, but twisted it so it could fit as a fanfiction so i could post it, but maybe I don't have to! ttyl!
4/28/2005 c1 6Broken Telephone
Lol! WOW That is a lot of people! lol! I'm excited to read your next chapter! Good job!
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