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2/26/2006 c30 21lordelfy
cool! i like this
1/19/2006 c29 A Beautiful Nightmare
Hacate... the goddess of the dark moon... interesting... and so are your poetry... I'll be watching for more...
12/13/2005 c25 horseflaming
Nah, doesn't really sound like someone going on about an ex to me.
11/13/2005 c23 4xstatic.messagex
o i read them all. I like them ^_^ I liked the last four the best, specially pretty white pearl.
7/27/2005 c4 8Vampire-dogdemongirl
So true, Thanks for the reveiws I really enjoy receiveing them from you, you brighten my day. You might want to click my homepage to be linked to another story I ahve posted you may like too. Have you finished all of Twisted Memories? I really enjoy your writing.

7/26/2005 c3 Vampire-dogdemongirl
Great. Thanks for the reveiw, don't think the story over yet, still more to come.
7/25/2005 c2 Vampire-dogdemongirl
Sounds like me. Look sorry about the last reveiw I now read through the last part of Lost trust, Found and see that people could easily see it as her being very standoffish. Sorry about the flame and I won't get mad if I was to get a huge flame back from you. I will take anybodys option, I just forgot what I wrote. And now I feel like a dumbass. Sorry again. Hopefully next time I read a reveiw from you I will think before I type and reread the story or peom if I am questioning something. Sorry again and hope to read more of your writings and hope you will leave more great reveiws for me in the near furture. God I feel so so stipide right now. Baka. Bye for now.

7/25/2005 c1 Vampire-dogdemongirl
Sorry would read more but in receved a reveiw from you on Lost trust,Found.Through I am very open to peoples option. I have to say that my chatcher that you judged doesn't devirse it. If you would please read Twisted Memories. You will find this is a side story to it and this story is meanet to be read between the lines. It was both of their decussions of what they did. And standoffish may be what you call it but I feel the trem of trust and a relationship is blooming between the two and I thought I would express my thougts of a betraied teen girl through this. None of the actions in the story were meant to lead to anything it just shows that she trust him. Please forgive the comments above. I was just steamed about what you said. People think I am wreid because I treat my chacters like the real thing and anything threw at them is a assult to me. My deepest regert for takeing up space and getting mad. But I am not in the best of moods and it will show badly. Sorry agian and I am sure you enjoied my writings as I did yours.

7/11/2005 c6 kayttea
thats a great poem. interesting comparisson- crushes and car. ^.^ keep writing!

7/11/2005 c2 kayttea
good title. i bet tons of people can relate
7/10/2005 c20 3NoFx-JuSt-Me
I really liked all your poems. Very well written! Thanks for your review, I didn't even notice the spelling errors. Thanks! ;)LOVE DOES SUCK!
7/9/2005 c20 2watergoddessac
This is a very well written poem and tells a beautifully sad story. Good job.
6/20/2005 c3 watergoddessac
Hey, I like this free form poem. I'm not much of a poet, but I do enjoy writing lyrics, so I'm kind of a poet... maybe... It does make you feel really good after you get it all on paper.

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