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for God's Weapon

9/30/2006 c20 1Brandon Barney
this story is quite good, but the author on the other hand is not. Those of you who plan on reading his book and commenting on it in any way should better think twice because all he will do is send you a hateful email about stupid nonsense.
9/25/2006 c21 Brandon Barney
ive read through the maority of your story i thought it was pretty good i have just started mine the name is heroes reign all i have so far is the intro but if you could review it and tell me whether i should continue that would be great ~Brandon~
10/24/2005 c1 Pete Ruszaj
It seemed like you were using too many big words in the first few sentences but that didn't hurt it at all. The beginning of this story started out well and flowly easily. The reader anticipates the coming of the following events in the next chapter. I can't say anything bad, hopefully it turns into a great story.

-You're buddy Pete
9/4/2005 c21 His Mercy's Waiting
Three words for you: THAT WAS GREAT! Endings are always hard to write, but you did an excellent job. Can't wait 'till your next story. ^^

~happy writing~
9/4/2005 c20 His Mercy's Waiting
YES! Action! ^^ There were some little typos, but nothing that really disturbed the flow of the story. Good job.

~happy writing~
8/30/2005 c21 12Safekht
Well done, my friend. Tee hee. You MUST keep posting stories though, or ELSE the world will fall and crumble at the hands of muffins. Wait... do muffins have hands? Oh well, I guess I screwed that one up, didn't I? What was I saying... OH YEAH KEEP POSTING OR ELSE! *fake evil ominous laugh*
8/29/2005 c21 3Blood Typhoon
Congradulations on your first story! It was a an amazing read and thanks for the comment on my story. I can't wait to read what you have going on next. Again, amazing job. Keep up the amazing work.
8/16/2005 c19 12Safekht
Alright, I'm going to try reviewing this AGAIN, but no promises. *deep breath* WAH! *sniff* Yeah. I think that's all I have to say about it ending. Wah. And sniff. And cut.
8/16/2005 c19 Black Cat Bastet
very nice. Its good. Update soon.
8/11/2005 c18 His Mercy's Waiting
Hooray! New characters! Yup...okey, I only found a few errors, no biggies:

/Although, Riley appeared young next to the statuesque Alan Vasner, he was strong./

There's an unnecessary comma after "although", but I bet it just slipped your mind. Okay, the next isn't really an error, just a suggestion:

/Rebekah took the stone off of the quivering soldier.A stone casing held the man in place./

Maybe you should use something besides a stone casing, because it sounds a little strange, with the word stone already in the sentence before. Of course, you don't really have to change it. Just a suggestion. Yay.

~happy writing~
8/9/2005 c17 His Mercy's Waiting
yay, ACTION! good chapter, it flowed well except for a few parts. like:

/Jim looked up angrily. “Well we could really use Your help about now!” Jim half accused./

i think the second jim could be changed to "he." and:

/Nate noticed that the blade was wrapped in flames. Thin, almost transparent, flames surrounded the sword./

i thought the second sentence was kind of...redundant. okay, maybe it described it more.

hooray. can't wait 'till the next chappy.

~happy writing~
8/7/2005 c16 Faith
I really did enjoy this Joe, but now u have me wondering about Rebekah. You better get going on the next chapter. Otherwise, there were a few theological difficulties, but i give you artistic lisence. There were a few grammar issues and the cursing seems abundant. I know I ready mentioned this, but as Christian-ish story you might want to ease up. :) It also might be helpful to have a little more background on Sapher and why he left heaven and turned from God. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!
8/4/2005 c16 His Mercy's Waiting
hehe...i'm a little confused, but that's nothing abnormal. i liked all the background information about the characters. it kinda clears things up. good job.

~happy writing~
7/25/2005 c15 His Mercy's Waiting
Hooray! That was a GREAT chapter, though it was a little confusing...I like this quote from Kyle:

"Why not just blink Satan out of existence? Why not just blink sinful man out of existence? Because God is an unchanging God. He created a world with Archangel Lucifer in it. He created a world with Elochim in it. He doesn’t modify the world as He sees fit."

Great job! And about your note, God relied on just one or two people in the world at times, so it isn't far-fetched at all. Besides, it's categorized "Supernatural", so why not?
7/25/2005 c5 9ca2longoria
Oh wow, that's some good action. The plot has thickened since I last reviewed and it's all for the better, a pretty good better at that. Some of the phrases are a little cliche and grenades don't actually create fire, but those are the only criticisms I really have. Everything else rocks. I like how events are turning out (or have turned out, considering you've written much more than I've read), very interesting. Hmm... that guy's pretty nasty for an Angel. Hehe. Adios! :-)
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