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for Death At Mirage 2000 Inc. Part 2

4/18/2000 c1 RD Rivero
I like this one even better than the first. Again, a great cast of characters - to watch die in the most horrific manner! Intersting plug you put in for that other story. Have you written it yet? It would be interesting to see how that new story fits into this series.
4/16/2000 c1 Night Eagle
Nice, getting better. One question, why are the two cops allowed to keep their guns when they are arrested?
4/13/2000 c1 Ka Anor
Good, but a little unrealistic I mean no offience ,but when Brad and Kasandra got arrested I don't think the cops would have them keep their guns. Still, it was a good story. I liked it alot.
4/13/2000 c1 HorrorLover
Jeffster, you've done it again! I liked the first one better though, but this was still awesome. Anyway, I love the ending.

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