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10/4/2006 c1 M. Edmondson
I can really see this story progressing I like the descriptions, but don't be another victum of run ons. I know I'm a victum of it as well and I don't need to talk. I wonder if you are going to make this a story, and if you did I think it would be very good. I like the way you captivate a true human death and the grieveing period that follows it. I feel like I'm really there in the morning of the two teenage boys. It's such a shock when it happens and barely any one believes it actually happened when it does. Very well written and I just want to thank you for your review. I was totally amazed that you took the time to read my story. I really appreciate it good bye.
9/16/2006 c1 1narcissenoire
You know, I really, really like this. I don't know how exactly how I stumbled on this essay but I'm so glad I read it. The story that you tell is very profound, I found myself imagining what it would feel like to be in the same position and it really make me think. I'm so glad I read this, thank you for writing it.

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