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for Sandy Red Tigger I Am

4/3/2006 c1 219Matthew James Current
Lovely little ditty. Upbeat and enjoyable. Put a smile on my heart. ^_^ Lovely observation. Such a good line "of blood and time" I hope you don't mind if I 'borrow' it ^.^
10/1/2005 c1 16Sha-x-bam
It sounds like it could be a fabulous camp song, to me, also.

Very sweet. It's uplifting in a simple way.
7/24/2005 c1 Needa S
I agree it would be a great cat food commercial. I enjoyed it muchly. Very nice. I love cats. Thanks for your review.

Needa S.
6/2/2005 c1 NumblesTheAuthor
aw this is cute and sweet...i love it, and i love kitties... : )
5/25/2005 c1 43RedXfire
haha i have no ida what that is haah but pretty cool
5/25/2005 c1 2W3DNESDAY
cute! i've never heard of Henry the Eight I AM, but the rythmn of Sandy Red Tigger is easy to discern anyway i loved it!
5/23/2005 c1 36obsidian katana
very cute. i like this. :)
5/13/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
Aw... cute^^

keep writing!
5/11/2005 c1 mistressKC
hooray for the kitty commercials! ^-^
5/11/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
I love this! Reminds me of Dr. Seuss... I love kitties, I have one too although he is barely a year. Anything to do with precious fuzzy things is always endearing. :)
5/11/2005 c1 187THROUGHTHESEEYES
Made me smile...Kittens are the best!Your little jingle is gold.
5/11/2005 c1 194Aslan Israel
Very cute. Nice and happy! Great job.

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