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1/28/2008 c14 9Slide.Tackled
this story is so good! You are an awsome writer!
1/28/2006 c4 5ChibiMa
o aah hhm
1/28/2006 c3 ChibiMa
1/28/2006 c2 ChibiMa
your fic has my attion(sp?)
1/22/2006 c13 Kapoof
I back. Wow. Just a worried, frantic feel to this chapter. I'm -supposed- to be working a project, so I'll just say, another chapter soon! I need to know what happened to Sanjay!
11/29/2005 c12 a dark cabaret
my god, you're freaking awesome.

i love every single one of your stories. and i'm sorry i didn't review any earlier, life is stessfull :/

one day i'll need a new profile so that i can fill it up with all your stories as favourites :D
9/17/2005 c1 44leben
Love the dialoge in this, great character development. Nice
8/23/2005 c10 Kapoof
Aww.. this chapter really jerked your emotions around. I know how Ellie feels about fast food.. Super Size Me has made me so health conscious (Bad McDonald's! Bad!). So cute how Sanjay and her are attuned to each other that they can, with small gestures, communicate what they're feeling/saying.

Ucky about Krista's dad though.. Sanjay's too.. and Krista just kind of lashed out at Ellie. She said such vicious things, I could understand a bit of anger but dang.. that was rather out of line of her. The ending was cute and fluffy..

In other words, good job!
8/2/2005 c9 Kapoof
Pah! Teaser. Why can't the doctor just say it! He must be suspecting serious.. all those things to watch out for and his gladness at her proximity to watch Sanjay..

Last bit was sweet.. a bit of warm fluffyness. And speaking of awesome.. I suggest you visit http:/lysis.audio-stream.net/tito/ and go to wmv.. feel the AWESOMEness.
7/24/2005 c8 81TwystedFate
A) I love that song.

B) I love this chapter.

C) I know I rock. ;)
7/22/2005 c2 9ice flyer
you have really nice characters and i like how you developed them just in two chapters. i just dont really see where the plot is going..and though its just the first two chaps, i guess i'm suggesting that you put a little more foreshadowing or some background info onto who Ellie is, why she's taking care of her siblings, etc. Instead of just jumping into dialogue, put some descriptions. anyway, your writing is really good and i didn't find any grammar mistakes off the bat..which is unusually good..great job :)
7/22/2005 c8 Kapoof
Well.. better a delay than no update at all huh? Plus that wasn't so bad, compared to other stories where you wait months (what's a poor reader to do?).

The plot thickens.. sounds ominous. I feel bad for Sanjay, Ellie as well. This chapter had a feeling of almost helplessness I think, with him fumbling with normal tasks and her having to stand by.

-paces around for next chapter- Must know.. what's.. wrong..
7/18/2005 c7 81TwystedFate
Great job. :)
7/16/2005 c7 Kapoof
Wow. Very nice story, I am -very- surprised it hasn't gotten more reviews.

Your characters seem pretty fleshed out. Although, I wonder what's wrong with Sanjay.. his headaches seem like possible symptoms to a tumor or something :-/

Anywho, good story, it goes on my check-fanatically-every-day list.
7/10/2005 c6 TwystedFate
For all their evils, parents can still be great. Nice chapter. :)
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