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for Goth Boy Goes to Hell

3/6/2007 c1 Marquis P Mcuntin
Though I deign to convey my utterance to this contemperable lattice of ideas, the fourth cunt from which my flesh trees watered down the synopsis of big bird.

Galivanting above the skyline, we traversed and we transcended. The blood of our nighttime is nigh.
10/30/2005 c1 Sally-andersonn
This was just wierd. You got some great random ideas though.
8/29/2005 c2 Kyria Asimi
Wow. Just...wow. That was crazy and hilarious. I especially like the machine that will either make ham sandwiches or mar the fabrics of time and space. That and the random vikings.
8/28/2005 c2 93Venustas iaceo
I found a couple errors in your story but I assume you're human and thusly don't care enough to repeat them or bitch at the current time.

Either way, you're story is hilarious. Definitely hilarious. I'm pretty sure I'd be the 'Rosie' of my classroom. I do that. I completely missed fire alarms and 10 blaring fire trucks pulling up once. I just kind of snapped out of space and stared at them, then didn't really care to ask.

I'm entertained my the crazy teacher thinking the disappearing kids had his sandwich the most though.
7/26/2005 c2 22Delanie
Wow...this story seems like an acid trip...lol, in a good way! I really like the beginning about The bastatrd God of creationism, lol, very nice


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