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for Trusting You in Mayapur

8/7/2005 c1 7BigShockerThere
Hej!Jag gillar den!^^ Har det verkligen hänt? För isf så hoppas jag att du får träffa honom igen... Om du gillar honom X) Om det är en sann berättelse så är jag helt hänförd. Jag antar att alla kärlekar inte har ett bra slut.Tack för det du har sagt om mina berättelser, förresten X) Var ju tvungen att läsa nåt av dig då^^
8/2/2005 c1 6McQuinn
Great retelling of a personal experience! I would have loved to see more of your feelings in this, though, and an edited version, if possible.
7/20/2005 c1 9Bleeding Air
That was. . . sad. Did you ever see him again? He sounds like a good guy.

I like the style you've written this in. It makes it seem like. . . well, a memory, which it is, and that makes this piece all the more effective.

Absolutely lovely!
7/6/2005 c1 12Lostpassion
Yeah, it's me Jaz. I didn't know you had a thing on here lol... What's up? I always loved this story from you. Always enjoyable to read
6/15/2005 c1 Kazzi
Heya; this is really good, so heartfelt and sort of . . . filled with longing. The guy must have been great. Sounds like it :)

I just wanted to thank you for your reviews of AoD and also to thank you for calling me a great writer, and . . . it takes one to know one! You're a great writer too, and I hope that you update this story, with maybe one of his emails. Hope to see an update!
5/23/2005 c1 1R.Valaina
Great fic! He seems like a great guy, lol. Update soon!
5/19/2005 c1 10TrunkZy
Hey det er mig - TrunkZy! Har desværre ikke tid til at læse din historie (er i skole :P). Jeg ville sige MANGE tak for dit review og nej, Falling vil ikke blive opdateret! Det er en kort novelle og den er færdig :) mange takJa Ne TrunkZy the Mighty
5/14/2005 c1 5CrystalDusk
U MET A GUY IN MAYAPUR AND DIDNT TELL ME! ur supposed to tell me stuff! well ok u dont have to. but face it im good coz i cant tell anyone that will matter. =Panyways...sucks to be grounded. on holiday especially. and over some boy... adults can be such children sometimes cant they?u actually TOLD this dude all that stuff? like that trust thing and that knife thing and all that? wow... musta really liked him...or trusted him or whatever.oh and by the way that message on the top? not gonna work. sorry honey but when you say ~*dont read*~ thats like shoving a big neon sign complete with blinking lights saying ~*READ ME!*~
5/13/2005 c1 4frisca-magister
Wow...nice story...it's awsome..so true...about how friends and family would react..that must've sucked...well this is a good story! keep writing!

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