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10/5/2005 c1 21Moon Star Goddess
Yay love is wonderful

anyways i knwo this is odd but I just got around to reading a review you left 2 years ago. Haha i think i set options off my account or something and never got it. Anyways, it's alright critiscm is always needed and I appreciate it that you helped me out =) I'll try to remember those but the name thing I wont be able to change. Thing is, I can't stand generic names, names that are very commen or known, i dislike them a lot. I love to use weird names in my writing because when I do, I can imagine a new character. hehe so for me, my writing is purely thoughts, I dont really care if someone reads it and decides its crap..hell even i think that haha. but its just something out of pleasure that i used to do.

but thats just all, everything else i will try to improve so thanks again! =)

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