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for Of CEO's and IOU's

5/30/2006 c2 flying blind
I've just stumbled upon your stories and I have to say this is a great story I know you havent updated this in a while but I'm hoping you continue with this story
5/14/2006 c2 Me
This has *got* to be a new record.

It took you only two (*TWO*) chapters to hook me and make me want more.


This is sad... I'm about ready to beg for more...
5/12/2006 c2 live-and-die
OMG, i love this story! i mean, it's only 2 chapters so far, but i already love it. i love those stories with your older bro's best friend and stuff, but i like reading about ppl in their 20's not teenagers. this story is a great combination! UPDATE! it's been almost a year since you made this story. what's taking you so long? UPDATE SOON!
4/1/2006 c2 18flights.of.fantasy
please please please update soon? =/i love the way this is going but its been a year or so since you've last updated right? pls.lol.i love the way this is going.
3/28/2006 c2 1GNIP
I love your title, and the way it's going

only hoping that u would update soon =)
3/17/2006 c2 MimiGhost
3/6/2006 c2 5alineofprose
Ooh. My dear, I do love your implied plot. It is absolutely, completely and utter smashing! And yes, I'm already rather addicted.

Ooh, gods. I can feel the intrigue coming on. :P

Keep writing!

2/19/2006 c2 4Veiled Dicast
This story amuses me greatly. Please update soon, hm?
2/18/2006 c2 undercoverqt
I LOVE THIS STORY! please update ASAP!
1/25/2006 c2 4eyesofahuntress
Enjoyed this chapter... lol I know how it feels when you just become sick and tired of writing a story. Urgh. And then one usually wants to go off and start a *new* story which usually leaves yourself in a tangle because it's hard to update all the stories you have. Ha, sound like anyone we know? Cough me cough. Anyway, aside from that, I liked the way you wrote this chapter- they didn't immediately jump into each others arms/laps! And, I like Ethan. Gene's bro- the reaction was expected... but it seems if it comes down to it he con't mind an ethan/gene pairing *nudge nudge hint hint*

wow, it's like thundering outside my window. Possibly because we're having a thunderstorm-_-" lol. I am observant!

Please continue with this story, I would like to see how you handle a romance story that is out of school and not (mostly cos I suck at those). I think the most successful story that is sort of out of school is myrika's everybody hates logan (favourite read of mine).

Cheers~ catcha next chappie (both ways lol)

1/25/2006 c1 eyesofahuntress
Haha this chapter was really amusing... I was about to question the part about how old they all are, but then you told me... also leaving room for them to grow older. Now I really want to find out how they turn out- what's the bet the brother and best friend will be as over protective as ever? Ethan, Ethan, Ethan! *chants* Hehe... I'm crazy lol. Gene is an interesting name, and I liked the title of this story... are the three lettered words.

I think I will decidely adore this story! I'm reading it while trying to write up the next chapter of my own story.

Guess how my story is going? Lol not very well, cos I'm too busy reading:p five pages so far... should have it done soon enough. It's the editing process that takes ages.

Hope you'll continue with this story... very good:o)


1/20/2006 c2 bluz
i like it.
1/20/2006 c2 3Heth
;.; Why did I read this when I said that I wouldn't. Wah, now I want to read more. It's so provacative! You torture me!

... -cough- ^.^; Keep writing?
1/16/2006 c2 1a Leader by Default
Hmm, I'm going to put this on my favorite because I'm curious as to see where you go with this. You definitely need a beta reader ( or a better one ), because the typing errors, and punctuation/grammar mistakes take the reader away from the story.

Your first chapter was light, enjoyable and fun, but the 2nd one was a bit much too...hasty, rushed. You didn't pace yourself, which makes your plot a bit undeveloped.

I wish you luck with this and am looking forward to reading the next installment.
1/6/2006 c2 lilsakura
as cliche as they are, i *love* stories like this :P i'm very glad for an update, happy birthday! rather happy 5-days-after-your-birthday day! :P one typo i found:

Stripping only to his black and dark green stripped boxers Ethan crawled into his bed,

that should be STRIPED boxers, not Stripped. :P u mkae it sound like his boxers were stripped of something. o_O

it also wasn't too clear on how she was suddenly at the party. i didn't know it was tonight maybe make that clear? u could add something in on her getting ready for the party tonite, or u could just change the "later that evening" thing so it's clearer. or u could add something in on when it was in the phone conversation.

neways, awesome job! ^_^
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