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2/9/2012 c47 Xxx.Promise.To.Love.You.xxX
Awesome story! Loved Damon and Trent (Jay and Ryan are still my favorite thou) and the rest of the gang in Australia.
1/5/2012 c47 1coffeexkitkat
I love this story! I love Trent! *_* Damon is growing on me but I love Trent to bits. This story was so sweet! I have to say I honestly liked this more than Matt and Brian's story. Lol. Idk why... Huge Trent bias maybe? :P I'm really liking Ryan and Lee's story too though.

I love it when Trent bottoms... *perverted smirk* puhahahaha.
12/4/2011 c46 J.D. California
Absolutely loved this story. I want to read the other sequels you have out but wondering if they are going to be updated soon?
8/31/2011 c46 xXxStarStrifexXx
Awesome as usual. I loved seeing Trent happy and all of the characters were really interesting, yours or not.

Loved it :)
7/22/2011 c45 7A-Crimson-Memory
Awwwww! :) kissing in random corners! That's so adorable! Your story really needs to be a movie! Actually your story reminds me of the hit series Queer As Folk! :) a gang of guys that are paired off! Like this is by far the cutest stories ive read! I hope that Cody's wish comes true! :) I want Brian and Matt to be parents along with Jason and Kevin! Oh and every other couple lol I gotta read the sequel!
7/21/2011 c41 A-Crimson-Memory
Okay so this chapter made me cry towards the end! :( when the gang was trying to get Terry to take his meds and when Ron was explaining what happened with his lover I cried. This story has seriously touched me :)
7/21/2011 c39 A-Crimson-Memory
Well hmmm then! Some trip so far! Maybe Damon really does love Trent. Still! I'm not sire yet
7/21/2011 c33 A-Crimson-Memory
Hmm Damon's growing one -.- I'm not sure how I feel about it
7/21/2011 c31 A-Crimson-Memory
Okay so I guess this chapter made me warm up to Damon.

Slowly EVER so slowly im starting to like him. But one fuck up and he's toast!
7/21/2011 c30 A-Crimson-Memory
Ooh! Kudos to Trent! :DD I'm so proud of him! As for Damon -.- I still dont like you
7/21/2011 c29 A-Crimson-Memory
I'm not resting yet! I don't believe Damon loves him! I just don't! -.-
7/21/2011 c28 A-Crimson-Memory
I just need to know one thing! Please tell me that this relationship is real! I don't want trent to get hurt and from the vibe I'm getting right now, Damon is really using Trent and not for good measures either
7/21/2011 c27 A-Crimson-Memory
Very very suspicious still! So help me god damon better be serious with this relationship!
7/21/2011 c24 A-Crimson-Memory
Aww Christmas! As for Damon... He still hasn't grown on me!
7/21/2011 c22 A-Crimson-Memory
Hmmm no! This chapter really made me hate damon now! Does he actually want a relationship with Trent or is he gonna break hid heart?
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