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7/21/2011 c21 7A-Crimson-Memory
Damon you prick! I don't like him one bit Esq! NOT ONE BIT! I mean really? Partner swapping! I don't think so! His past is cold and if he DARES to hurt my beautiful Trent than someone is gonna be burried beneath the ground after he's burned with sulfur.
7/21/2011 c20 A-Crimson-Memory
Awee! :) yay Joey! Brian and Kevin are so adorable! Damon... Hmm damon. Something else has to happen before he's on my good side
7/21/2011 c14 A-Crimson-Memory
Holy nuts! Another seizure! This time it's Brian's fault I wanna say.
7/21/2011 c13 A-Crimson-Memory
Im still not sure about Damon yet. He better not hurt Trent or the guy will be missing a set of jewels -.-
7/20/2011 c12 A-Crimson-Memory
Oooh lol trip to CT! :D oh I wonder what else Brian has up his sleeve! He really has an issue with Damon just like me!
7/20/2011 c11 A-Crimson-Memory
Oooh I definitely loved Brian in this one! He's my favorite character and he needs to be a daddy! I can't stress that enough lol *crosses fingers* oh I hope it happens!
7/20/2011 c10 A-Crimson-Memory
Hmm Im sure how I feel abbot Damon yet. Right now I don't like him and Trent is way too sweet and caring to deserve a bastard like Damon! As for Brian and Matt they need to get married and I think Brian would be so ecstatic if they raised a kid together! :) *crosses fingers*
7/20/2011 c9 A-Crimson-Memory
Right now I don't like damon. If he truly is what Brett says he is then he really played Trent! How can you take a guys virginity after knowing the effects of doing it? -.- Damon isn't on good terms with me right now!
7/20/2011 c8 A-Crimson-Memory
Aww! I couldn't help but smile at Brian's motherly nature! I really hope he becomes a daddy because he'd make a great one!
5/12/2011 c47 27Averick
Aw congrats on being nominated! I wasn't around at the time to vote, but I would have :D I love these stories with Matt, Brian, Trent, Damon, Kevin...etc...lol. Haha I love how Cody and Grant adopt everyone. Brian, Damon, and Cody are my favs :D Haha the 'mom-dads', I guess. Anywho, thank you for writing this! It was a wonderful continuation and I liked the humor and of course I liked Brian :D He's come so far! Loved it!
9/20/2010 c12 Cooperbear2
Lol i LOVED this chapter. I love how Brian and Damon are. I love how Brian gets annyoed and mad at mostly everything Damon does. It's so funny. Can't wait to read more!
9/20/2010 c5 Cooperbear2
That was a fucking SEXY sex scene, lol. Loved it! Can't wait to see what happens between Trent and Damon. :)
8/17/2010 c47 tokyoOh
7/26/2010 c46 methosdeb
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this story .I followed this from princess max stories about damion and I just had to know that he finally found someone.then I fell in love with your guys too .Now I have to go back and read all of their backstories and then re-read this one again (although I could still follow it pretty good anyway).
3/18/2010 c47 7Happy to be Mad
I love this story :)
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