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6/14/2007 c33 14conclusivelead
I have greatly enjoyed your story and all the characters, and as stated in my first review when I found out that one of the characters was epileptic, I'm ecstatic that the disorder is being made known to a wider aduience. The one thing I was a little upset about was some of the inaccuracies I found. I can't recall all of them, but I'll point out the one in this chapter as it is the most recent.

"The doc’s pleased with the last round of tests. Says I’ll likely never have to worry about severe seizures again, and that if I do get any, they’d be light and over quickly.”

Unless Damon went through a more intense series of treatments, such as brain surgery or the installation of a Vegas Nerve Stimulator, there would be no way for the doctor to be able to know that he wasn't going to have to deal with severe seizures ever again, unless his seizures were the results of an accident or more recent trauma to the brain, which you've given no indication that they are.

Medication, in the long run, can't really put a stop to grand maul seizures in people that have experienced them for a long time, unless given to the patient in large doses, in combination with other medications, for extensive periods of time.

Despite the errors correlating to Damon's epilepsy (which can only be spotted by an expert or someone like me who has experienced epilepsy for themselves), this story has been wonderfully well-written and is one of my favorites. Please consider this review to be nothing but constructive criticism. My only real advice would be to put more research into the subject next time.

Keep up the great writing. :D

- AeleIce.
6/12/2007 c2 1Bedlam Chaos
I think I'm reading this story for the sixth or the seventh time since I followed Damon in America... I was thinking about something. How could Trent have a monk live style if he went to uni. I don't know in America but here... ^^" It's nearly impossible to not go out and drink at least once a month and... Het' or gay, it doesn't matter: it's easy to find someone.

Maybe Louvain-la-Neuve is a special case. An Irish friend said it wasn't the same and that my uni was the best (never doubt about it myself ;) ) but... Like Trent seems gorgeous and even if he's gay, I wonder how he kept his virginity for so long.

I'll try to check myself ;). One day (or more) I will go and check american university life style...
6/11/2007 c6 14conclusivelead
It's not every day you see characters with epilepsy in yaoi fics. Which is a refreshing change, believe me, especially for an epileptic. :D I'm glad that my disorder isn't as unknown as I thought it was and thank you for writing it into your story. It spreads the awareness about seizures. I feel special. XD

- AeleIce
2/4/2007 c1 BlueHeart102
omg sorry I didn't you really had made asequel for Trent. Dooh my head for not looking first. Well Brian's story was my first story of yours. So I haven't finished all of ur story yet but I will soon. Man I have a lot to read after Moving On I think I would get to Kevin's story or should I go with Kevin's story first since it's happened first. Argg I wish I have a lot of me so I can read them all at the same time lol. Omg I been reading ur story since yesterday(after I discovered them) and I haven't do my hw yet. Hic I have to make an outline for my essay but it's so hard. I'm not very creative and I hate to write (since I'm suck) BUT I really really LOVE to read lol. I'm damn selfish eh?.

OMG I been blah blah balh since sorry about this. Ok nowI'm going to read Kevin's story first (finally decided *rolling eyes*)

Thanks again
11/14/2006 c11 2stripedsocksarecool
Brian is so SCANDELOUS! He would make a good main character on "Desperate Housewives" lol. I love him, though. I can't wait to see what happens, so i guess I'm off to read more chapters. Just had to say it, though. Ta!
11/12/2006 c47 15x-kit-x
This story is definately just as great as the first! You really are a fantastic writer :) I hope to hear more about all of the characters soon and especially the wedding, and I'm sure to read more of your work just as soon as I get time. Good luck with winning the Best Romance Fiction of 2005 :)
10/29/2006 c46 1carodajka

I think your writing is great, not nobel-prize great but great still! It may be a little to sweet and too soap-opera-like sometimes, but I guess it doesn't relly matter.

Keepit up and don't let anyone discourage you :)
8/3/2006 c47 5Kizuna
Hi! It took me a while to read this story, mostly because my internet got fucked up for a while, but now it works again! I love this story, and the three prequels!:) They are so good and the characters are so adorbale, all of them! Well mostly, not Gary and all the bastards, obviously!:p Anyway, now I am going to start read the sequel, and I can't wait!:) I hope you finish 'More than Friends' soon though, because I really like Ryan and Lee and want to know what happens between them. Well, I know thanks to this story, that they doesn't break up, so that it all good! Anyway; Keep writing, you are a terrific writer!:D
7/27/2006 c27 Kizuna
Hmm... Something is wrong with chapter 28.. I can't get all of it... I can only read down to Trent and Damon's chat in their new apartment...:-/ The last thing is ["I ], Damon's reply I guess, and then it is finish.. It isn't even the copyright line or submit review on the bottom of the page... Could you please send the chapter to me? I can't miss anything in this story, it is so exciting!:)
7/27/2006 c1 Kizuna
Hi! Now I am back from vacation, so it is time to read Trent's story! I have to say that I love this first chapter and I hope it all continue like that!:)
6/25/2006 c1 Green Eyed Pixie
This story totally deserved to be nominated for the best romance story, it was aweosme! I love Damon and Trent together, they suit each other really well. And Damons family are great, and so is Trents as always! Brian and Kevin are so cute. Thanks for making such a great story! : )
4/25/2006 c47 1Bedlam Chaos
Yeah... But You deserve it. I love this story. Bloody hell... English is only my third language but I read it from sunday to today. Mornings and evenings. I like Trent and his family but I love Damon and I like pretty much how you led the story.

I cannot see by myself but this review must be fill up with syntax and vocabulary mistakes.

You're great... I'm going to read every story you write 'cause I like Brian and all that smala.

4/23/2006 c11 Bedlam Chaos
I love Damon. I loved him with Brett. I'll ever love him ^_^. But your Brian is just... Wonderful ^_^ ... And Trent ^_^. I love the name too. I never met a Trent... Maybe it's normal because I don't live in an English or American place but in a French's one. (Oh gosh... just for the language... I'm not a damned french")

Thank you for adopting Damon. It's very kind of you
4/19/2006 c1 49Storm December
4/15/2006 c3 11Wolfie Star26
I'm not done reading this at all, but why does Damon and all his friends and Brett seem familier? You probably mentioned it before in the author notes but seriously I don't have the attention span to read those right now. By the way, the three chapters I've read are wonderful.
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