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for My Own Worst Enemy

6/6/2006 c1 46Lavender L. C
This is really sad. But I like the detail and the flow. It's great. Keep it up. Oh and thanks for your review!

LLCThanks again!
1/11/2006 c1 26cdr1687
Good! Oh, by the way thanks for the reviews. I like getting into my email and seeing 6 reviews and especially on the same story. It sometimes brigthens my day to get a review, I know that sounds dorky, but true.
1/7/2006 c1 4riskkeybusiness
So beautiful, and its really sad because that's really what it is like.
5/19/2005 c1 Katterpiller
i really liked this poem, it showed so much emotion and it was really well written!~kath
5/19/2005 c1 31withprettysmiles
aw that's sad...you can feel the emotion. Love the line "you smile as I scream at the mirror" nice job!

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