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for New Year's Eve

11/16/2005 c1 20Pheobe Meryll
Interesting little one-shot. I like writing little sketchy scenes like this myself. I think the theme was interesting and though it wasn't very emotional, you got an idea of Karen's troubles through the letter.

"Even though it were New Year's Eve, to her it was no excuse to release her feelings." - change the "were" to "was." Grammar otherwise generally good.

Unique story. Keep writing.
6/28/2005 c1 Guest
To: KarenRe: None

Dear Karen,

Even if you told me not to reply, I did anyways. Thank you for your e-mail. Thank you for telling me how you felt. Thank you for missing me. I missed you too. And yes, I do know the answer perfectly. Karen, I love you. Whether you think this is a lie or not, I love you.

Take care of yourself.



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