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4/21/2006 c1 56from beneath the bell jar
Wow awesome images!
3/8/2006 c3 crazy dog events
I usually don't find good Haikus on this site, but I loved this. keep up the good work.

1/29/2006 c1 41sarah1491
Oh, very nice. ;)
1/4/2006 c1 25cornered.sensations
lovely poem
12/26/2005 c3 20sloppy firsts
very sweet :)
12/14/2005 c3 60dollface and her cancer
Soft, almost smeared images. Very feminine poems.
12/8/2005 c1 142FELICIA-SPENCER
Nicely done. Wonderfully written.
12/5/2005 c1 12Stormie Greye
Beautiful imagery! Very nice for a haiku. Keep up the good work!
11/28/2005 c1 61renru-no-ren
sex-ay! *whistles* naw, just kidding. good.
10/25/2005 c1 25lambheadluver
I read them all, but the first one was my favorite...it was kinda ironic, because most people that use the term 'eye candy' are...snobby people...and then you describe the opposite...it was great! The other two were good too, but I really liked the first one! Keep writing!

Thanks for the review!LL
10/10/2005 c3 41Silver Phoenix Falling
Beautiful haiku... I love especially the imagery!

P.S. Thanks for reviewing my haiku "Diamondwater"!
9/20/2005 c3 119AntiPleasure
These haikus make me horny *sigh* :P I like them.
9/4/2005 c3 79Sorrowful Dreams
very well written I must say for a haiku. Very descriptive and powerful

8/29/2005 c1 100Abby Sequioa
beautifuly written... lovely and sweet... thanks for the review!
8/26/2005 c3 168SeaVoi
I really like how all three of these just seem to coast.
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