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for Bloodshed

5/29/2005 c1 80citrus scented
oh delicously dark and passionate! like it.
5/23/2005 c1 33sav3dbygrac3
wow. awesome word usage. u've wonderfully captured a vivid image in such short words.
5/22/2005 c1 110KonekOniko
I LOVE it!
5/22/2005 c1 84peaceman4ever
good peice...I really like the second line...Pretty genius if you ask me..Bravo
5/22/2005 c1 account not in use
I love the word use, and the last line is so...I'm not really sure of a word, but I think haunting is a good choice.
5/22/2005 c1 53Moonbeam Elegance
oh wow so well written and powerful

Moonbeam E
5/22/2005 c1 11Cloud Burst
great choice of vocab! if u meant for this to be a haiku, ur missing a sylablle in the last line.

powerful imagery, awesome work!
5/21/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
horrific and the visioning of the scene is rather frightening in mind. beautiful yet somewhat gortesque, love the word use and bit of imagery used. nice work!

!~* noelle *~!
5/21/2005 c1 4ShinkeiRyu
Very nice...I actually get this one...Its so cool!
5/21/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
Forceful and cutting to the bone. Very nice.
5/21/2005 c1 2porcelaintea
The last line made me laugh, it made me think of pride. Yah, ends the poem perfectly. I love the imagery presented, it is a well rounded poem and presented so many thoughts in just a few lines. Cool and Exquisite.
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