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for My Last Sunrise

9/26/2006 c1 SquishedByASatellite
Even more gorgeous than the last one I read... I love it. And you.
9/23/2005 c1 115HauntedMisery
I love this, great job!
7/3/2005 c1 40Cathryn Anne
You have so much talent. I love your writing and I love this poem.
7/2/2005 c1 39Kira Deleria
Very painful and haunting. At first i was worried i'd have no clue what you were talking about, but as soon as i read the whole poem it clicked. You did a wonderful job on it, beautifully written and i can see why its very close to your heart and your favorite. Its just gorgeous, extremely great work.
6/14/2005 c1 155Shadowed Mind
loved it, this was absolutely magnificent. i loved the imagery, the words, the emotion filled prose, beautiful. keep writing and never ever give up hope. all my love, shadowed mind
6/1/2005 c1 168TheUni
so deep... so dark... I like it. Very well written.
5/31/2005 c1 Winter Reflections
omg i fuking love it! no wonder why it is one of your favourites! it is going on my favourites list for sure! man u have a great talent!

thanks for reviewing my poem. i read ure bio as well, great taste in music btw, basically the same as mine.

keep on writing! it is great!
5/24/2005 c1 33angelxinxaxnightmare
that was a awesome poem! lots of emotion in it, well written.

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