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for The Enemy

8/20/2005 c1 2Marez
You know I love this, sis. So cool. If you don't get good marks for it the markers need serious mental help.
6/4/2005 c1 Arkash
Wow, this is interesting, thoug it's a bit hard to read because of the formatting.

I like the way you use the names: Alexander the Great/ Thegart, Connor, Goldigger, Seller to describe the characters.

Good Job! *_*
6/3/2005 c1 20Xelena
that was fricking awesome. completely on target and the moments when you were poking fun were very well woven into the actual plot.
5/28/2005 c1 14Mr. S.P. Holmstadt
Very unique. I've never heard a radio play. Best play I've read so far. (besides my own)

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