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8/1/2005 c9 Emily
Princessmax, you had me rolling on the ground with laughter! I salute you and your wonderful writing!
8/1/2005 c9 ddz008
Interesting chapter!Everybody is going to camp! XDI wonder how things will work for them, seems that it'll be fun.Hope to see the next chapter pretty soon!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
8/1/2005 c9 32eldrin
I can't help but laugh at the mass camping trip this has become. Nice how everyone just invited themselves along. Poor Mike, it doesn't seem likely that he'll get his desired alone time anytime soon. Another excellent chapter!
7/20/2005 c8 Damian E L
Woot! Camping camping camping!
7/20/2005 c8 25Esquirella
Hmm...poor Mike's going to have a bit of heartache before he eventually gets his man, isn't he? I love that they're going camping. For some reason, it strikes me as a totally un-Damon-like thing for them to do. Great chapter!
7/20/2005 c8 32eldrin
Ah, how you continue to dazzle me! I love Mike. And Brett. I love Mike + Brett. Wonderful story!
7/17/2005 c7 Emily
I know I've told you this before, but I LOVE Brett. Please update soon, it's killing me. I check for updates at least twice a day. I like Michael too, and feel really sorry for him. I can really identify with him having to drag a kid obviously out of his league in popularity around with him. Poor Mike!

Thanks a lot,Emily
7/8/2005 c7 Damian E L
Cyn, huh?

Mike's van is fast becoming legend.
7/6/2005 c7 25Esquirella
Poor Mike! It just seems like life keeps shitting all over him. At least he seems to be repairing relations with his parents. I just really feel bad for him - going through life feeling like he's boring. He's such a sweetie here, too.
7/5/2005 c7 ddz008
Great chapter!I'm glad yo have updated.Is nice to see he's trying to patch his relationship with his parents.Hope to see the next chapter pretty soon!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
7/5/2005 c7 32eldrin
Wonderful chapter! I loved seeing him get on with his father like that.
6/28/2005 c6 1samalane
Love the last line ^_~
6/27/2005 c6 25Esquirella
That ending evoked shades of an earlier email! LOL!

Great chapter, as usual! You're definitely doinga wonderful job of getting these two together. They have so much in common, it's scary! And cool!

But Mike is so ... critical of Damon! LOL! I guess it's to be expected, considering he's Mike's new lover's ex. Poor Damon, though. *Sigh* he can't catch a break!
6/27/2005 c6 Kaz
'I pledge alliangence to the flag and to bitch and whinge as much as possible' :-p...
6/27/2005 c6 32eldrin
Just one more lovely chapter. Love how you work around the dialogue, it's excellent. Hope to read more soon!
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