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4/21/2006 c2 1Bedlam Chaos
Sorry for saying that but I just HATE the idea of Brett and Mike together... Or no. I hate the fact that Damon is out of their life. I just wanna hope... I dunno maybe that with a magical tic Brett and Damon would go together one more time. Oh... I would like to see Damon one more time. Maybe is he in one of your other fics. I don't know. Really. I'm going to read this and than I would check or... Just read the other stories...
2/12/2006 c29 32eldrin
Beautiful, of course.
1/25/2006 c29 1Xemas
Oi! It was just getting really good and it stops T_T Write more! Lol, good job. I think this is one of my favorite on Fictionpress. You have an awesome style and everything flows well together!
1/16/2006 c29 1Prisoner-11
Lol. Cute. I am so reading this out of order, first I read Will, then Brett and Michael (which coinsidentaly is the names of two twins at my school)and I might go read about Victor, though I probably wont. Anyways excellent!
1/16/2006 c14 Prisoner-11
"My mother popped her head into the kitchen. ‘Are you boys alright?’

‘Dane and Mike are just fighting,’ Bren explained with a rueful shrug.

My mother frowned. ‘Dane, stop harassing your brother.’"

I love how she automatically assumes that it's Dane's fault.
12/31/2005 c12 69tomato-greens
I'm a total loser. Blegh. I'm sorry.

I WILL read all of this. Eventually. Pretty soon. When it's not New Year's Eve and I'm dead tired. And I'll review it, too!

I'm sorry.

P.S. Because I'm vain at best, in case you're interested, the Mackenzie storyline is being re-written under a different name (the original is still there).
12/22/2005 c29 melanie
I'm sad it's over.

I adore Terry and Geoff is the coolest. That was too funny.
12/21/2005 c29 ddz008
Aw the ending was so sweet!Victor's dead is still haunting Mike, but I imagine it must be something extremely terrible.I 'm glad they fixed everything!Hope to see the next chapter pretty soon, please!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
12/21/2005 c29 Emily
Wonderful story! I still love Brett, but Mike is growing on me too. Are you planning a sequel? You know I love all your writing!
12/19/2005 c15 melanie
Ugh, everytime I go to read I get interrupted before I can finish. -is worried about Will-
12/16/2005 c29 10afk
whee i wuved this story! i just couldn't keep my eys off it hahhaah *_* was it the end? or are you going to update?
12/14/2005 c29 25Esquirella
That was a really sweet ending. You had me worried there with that fight and Mikey walking out. Brett should try to be more sensitive to Mike's guilt over Victor's suicide. After all, even if Mike does have pictyures and a diary, Victor's not physically able to come back.

Dane is still a pesky bugger about Victor. It seems like he doesn't even try to see things from Mike's point of view. Though Dane was instrumental in getting Mike back with his dad in this story and helped him get back together with Brett in this chapter, so that makes up for some of it. (LOL! You know I'm on Mikey's side in all this, huh?)

I loved this story a lot and hope for a sequel! I'm also looking forward to working with you again wheh I get up to the Wedding! Mwahahahahaha!
12/14/2005 c29 Kaz
Did I read correctly did the top of this chapter say the end? IT CANT BE! IT CANT BE!
12/14/2005 c29 2ShadesWithLove
whoah... damon is gone AGAIN. mike and brett fought, directly after the gang's plane left, made up within a day and finally sort alot of things out. thats quite for a day huh?
12/14/2005 c29 bambi4real
i like brett and micheal much better than trent and damon they seem like the down to earth pair. They aren't perfect but their faults fit perfectly. good job on the story.
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