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11/23/2005 c25 32eldrin
Definately have to say that I loved Lee here...he's changing in all the best ways without losing those bits that make us love him.

I love Mike just as much as always. He is probably in my top ten of characters anywhere. Brett, as he tends to do, simply fills me with warmth and makes me want to go do nice things for the people I care about.

Wonderful, wonderful chapter!
11/23/2005 c25 ddz008
GREAT CHAPTER!I LOVED IT!Brett is such a strange kind of sweet guy XD, I'm glad that Mike loves him. :)The end was really sweet! aw, I loved that part XDHope to see the next chapter pretty soon, please!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
11/23/2005 c25 turtledonkey27
oh, my heart's going out to him too. poor brett,stuck in the middle. it's nice to see him being all thoughtful and mushy to mike now. i was worried at the beginning that it was going to be a superficial sex-buddy relationship, but now you can see that he's let himself really give in to his feelings. i love these two together so much! also nice to see lee growing up. i wonder how much longer it will be before will opens up?
11/23/2005 c25 25Esquirella
I laughed at the "not-so-young" comment. Don't you Aussies know that 30 is the new 20? LOL!

This was a great chapter, and Lee is really coming along. I loved how he shared the chocolate with Mike then told him Brett bought it for Mike anyway, and please don't tell him he's been eating it. LOL! Very cute!

That naked guy pic Jamie sent Damon cracked me up. It was such a funny THANK U gift. And now Cody has a reason to call Terry every once in a while. mwahahahahaha! LOL!

Also, I love how you're highlighting Damon and Mike's newfound rapport. I just, for some reason, always pictured Damon getting along with his ex's new boyfriend. It's awesome to see you on the same wave length.

Unfortunately, I can't update for a day or two. *pouts* Tomorrow's American Thanksgiving, and I just spent 2 hours cooking green nean casseroles and baking a pecan pie and mini Oreo cheesecakes. Now I bet I gain two pounds from tomorrow's feast. *double pout* I can't resist the damn sides! Stuffing, candied yams, turnips with cream abd maple syrup ... OH GOD! The stffed mushrooms will be there, too! Somebody save me! *sigh* Nobody will. At least I'll still be full on Friday ... and able to start Christmas shopping. Another credit card bill bites the dust.

Meanwhile, I loved this latest installment and can't wait to see what we do next. LOL! Yep, even I don't know where I'm going yet with the net chapter. But I'm going somewhere with it! You can count on that!
11/23/2005 c25 5Yoyo-chan
Ooh, he's 28? Wasn't he like 23 when we met him? :DD *feels all attached*

I wanted to know what Jamie said so I'm glad you managed to slip that in there ^_^. Also Brett and Michael are so cute. How much longer is Damon gonna be in town?
11/22/2005 c24 32eldrin
11/22/2005 c24 4Mechanical Dolls
Whoa. I just realized that it's an ongoing series. *banghead*

Anyway, whee! New chappy! I somehow forgot Terry has aids. Why does Terry has aids? He shouldn't have aids. Aids are evil.

Damon's like this really cool ex. Y'know what I mean? They're still friends even the breakup. Hehehe. I love it!

Update! Again! Even though you've already updated today!

Yeah, I'm demanding like that.

You can shoot me if you want.

Don't you love long reviews?

11/21/2005 c24 5Yoyo-chan
I don't think I've said this yet, but I love Mike and I'm glad he's the narrator of this story XD Great chapter, as usual. Also is it bad if when Jamie mentioned Brett's stepmom left his dad I thought "It's about time"? Cause I don't have anything against Brian, I just hate her :D
11/21/2005 c24 25Esquirella
Excellent chapter! You give Jamie a lot of depth here, as a character, and I love that. Brett was a pill as usual, but I kind of think if Cody wasn't in a rush, he'd have "crossed swords" with him! Note to Brett: Codu ain't backing down, so ... "Shields up! Evasive maneivers!"

Shocked about Brian and Leanne, but she was the bitch from hell. Did she leave the kids?

I guess I'll take the Terry conversation! *rubs hands together* I love a challenge!
11/17/2005 c23 32eldrin
Love the Dane scene. Though the beginning of this chapter left me a bit nostalgic...I do so miss having chickens. Most excellent!
11/17/2005 c23 ddz008
GREAT CHAPTER!I'm glad things are getting better for them! :DDamon is being nice at trying to fix his past errors and I think is good for Brett and Michael to give a go at living together!Hope to see the next chapter pretty soon, please!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
11/17/2005 c23 4Mechanical Dolls
I didn't think it was short (maybe because most of mine were shorter *guilty*), and yes. Meetings in the weekends sucks. *nods*

Anyway! This chapter! He's finally moving in! That's so cool! And I love supporting families (in fics too XD), so my favorite bit in this chapter is:

‘Sure it is,’ he replied. ‘That’s really sweet, Mike. I really hope you and him make it work out. Oh, and if you’re moving in with him, could Bren and I please have your bed? Ours completely sucks. It’s like fifteen years old and you can feel the springs.’

‘You want my bed?’ I asked in amazement. ‘Uh, okay. But you’re going to have to help me move.’

Dane smirked. ‘Of course I’m helping you move. Mum and Dad can help, too. Do you honestly think they’d miss out on seeing you actually move in with somebody half-decent?’

It's so cute! And sweet! Aw...

Update! Again! XD

11/17/2005 c23 25Esquirella
That was a good chapter. And thanks for letting us all know what Brett's decided. LOL! Now Damon can have the pleasure of Lee's company in Boston! Oh! Wait! I have an idea! I'll have Trent and Damon take the kids to Cody's house! LOL! That will ensure that Lee stays in line.

So, Dane and his dad were plotting to get Mikey back with Brett? I like Ian! He seems much more supportive of Mike than Brian was of Brett. And Brett's so damn responsible, too! You'd think Brian would be proud of him.

Will Ash ever come back to visit his brother? Does he share Brian's demented views? Because it just seemed like last we saw of him he accepted Brett's sexuality. And it also seemed like he got along with Brett's foster kiddies.
11/17/2005 c23 5Yoyo-chan
Eh, it wasn't that short :DD Sucks about the "meetings" on the weekend. Weekends are for fun, not work! Then again, if you were American you'd have most of next week off ^_~. I rather liked this chapter. I like Mike's brother. Also I'm glad the kids will have the chance to visit Damon and Trent sometimes. I like how Damon handles Lee. And I think it's cute that Lee and Trent are kind of friends.
11/17/2005 c23 8Sundown
Sorry I haven't had a chance to review for a bit (damn final exams!) but anyway...I still love the path that this story is taking, and I think it's great that Damon was brought back into it. great writing yet again and have fun at your meetings!
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